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Preparing For The Holidays Essay

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There are many things that families do to prepare for the holidays. These things are usually a tradition in each individual family. My family has three main traditions that we do every year for the holidays. One tradition that we have is to go out Black Friday shopping for gifts. This normally starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we shop all weekend. Another tradition that we have is to decorate for Christmas the day after we finish our Black Friday shopping. Our last tradition that we have is baking all the cookies and different goodies , and also, getting things ready to cook for Christmas dinner.
Black Friday is the busiest and craziest shopping day of the year. Going shopping on Black Friday has become a big tradition in our family. This tradition started about 5 years ago and we have been doing it ever since. It is something that we enjoy doing as a family. On Thanksgiving Day we start by getting the newspaper sale ads and going through them to see which stores have the best sales and which ones have the items that we are looking for. After going through the ads we start writing our plan of action. This includes which stores we are going to start at first, what times we need to be at which store, and what items are needed from each store. Once we have gathered all this information, our plan of action is ready to be started. Once we get started shopping we are usually gone out shopping non-stop for a total of about 20 hours. At the end of all this we are exhausted and ready to go home and sleep. However, we also have enjoyed the time spent with family while Black Friday shopping and don’t want it to end.
Decorating is also a big tradition that may family does to prepare for the holidays. Our decorating normally starts the day after we finish our Black Friday shopping. The first thing that is done is the Christmas tree is put up. Then the decorating of the tree begins which includes everyone having a part in helping to decorate the tree. Everyone in the family has their own special ornament that they hang on the tree to represent them. It is also a tradition in my...

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