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Increasing rivalry with the other imperialist powers and brutalexploitation of the economically weaker, more backward peoples -- these twofeatures characterize the foreign policy of United States imperialism atpresent.Wall Street's dollars and marines are extending their domination over evergreater sections of the world. Wherever there is a revolutionary upheavalUnited States imperialism is on hand and ready to crush it. United Statesimperialism is in a conspiracy with Great Britain against the Russianrevolution. It cooperates with Japan and England in the interventionsagainst China. United States imperialism supported Great Britain in herinfamous Nanking policies, and it now supports Japan in her ruthlessintervention in Shantung. All talk about the United States as the 'friend ofChina' is mere babble in view of the fact that America supports Japan'sdomination over Manchuria in order to protect her own vast financialinvestments there. Japanese intervention in China today promotes thestriving of the United States for financial hegemony in the Far East.American-British-Japanese cooperation in the dismemberment of China includesat the same time growing possibilities of a clash between the rivalinterests of these three leading imperialist powers on the Pacific. UnitedStates warships and thousands of marines are 'pacifying' China, andWashington admits that Admiral Bristol is empowered to call out the wholePacific fleet against China if United States imperialist policy requires it.The conquest of the tremendous Chinese market is in a growing degree one ofthe foremost aims of United States imperialism. United States imperialismgoes hand in hand with Japanese imperialism in Shantung against the armiesof Chiang Kai-Shek, but at the same time its representative, AdmiralBristol, cooperates with Chiang Kai-Shek in crushing Soviet Canton,suppressing all revolutionary movements of the Chinese workers and peasants.The military dictatorship of United States imperialism is exercised moreruthlessly than ever before over the Philippines, Hawaii, Porto Rico, thePanama Canal Zone and the Virgin Islands. Cuba, Haiti, Panama and Liberiaare today reduced to vassal states of United States imperialism. Theindependence of all the Caribbean and Central American republics has becomenothing more than a tragic farce in view of their increased bondage to WallStreet. The Havana Conference, which was called in the name ofPan-Americanism, was only the instrument of United States imperialism. TheMonroe Doctrine, which once served as a defense against European powers, istoday the most aggressive means to conquer all America for the UnitedStates. The pressure of Wall Street forced Mexico to surrender her oil andland resources to dollar imperialism. The appointment of Morrow, theemployee of Morgan, as United States Ambassador to Mexico exposes the wholeLatin-American policy of the United States as the policy of finance capitaland big business. The fake 'good will' flights of Colonel...

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