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Being Prepared to Model
What do you picture when you hear the word model? You think of maybe tall, skinny, and pretty, right? Do you know the real definition of a model? In the dictionary, a model means a person who sets a good example. To young people, it’s someone to look up to. They give people inspiration and their own creativity.
Barbizon Modeling Schools were originally established in New York City in 1939. Barbizon Schooling was created by Helen Fraiser, who was a modeling teacher. Almost over 70 years, Barbizon has been beneficial to girls all over the United States. Even the girls who has graduated Barbizon but their career isn’t modeling or acting, still have benefitted from the experience.
There’s more to being a model than you think. I’m here to give you some information about modeling, acting, or being prepared for a job. In September I went through an interview with a Barbizon Agent. They only asked a few questions, like how much experience do I have with modeling or acting. Of course I had no experience at all! So they gave me a call to tell me if I had made it or not. Well obviously, I made it!
On October 12, 2013 at 1:30 p.m., I was a little nervous. There were girls I didn’t know, and parents weren’t allowed in the rooms we were taught in. I had no idea what I was getting in to. They taught us then made us do it in front of the entire class. After a few months of getting to know the other girls and my instructor, I was feeling a lot more comfortable. They were just as weird and unique as me!
We first learned the half-turn, double half-turn and 4 model stances. The half-turn is you step, place, turn. The double half-turn is performed in the middle of the runway and you step, place turn, step, place, turn. The 4 model stances is right open, right close, left open, and left close. You always walk one foot in front of the other. Spotting is executed at the end of the runway, pausing for 3 seconds and posing. Your hands should be placed on your hips or sides. The full-turn is performed in the middle of the runway. It is not okay to do a full-turn on the runway with your partner. When passing another model on the runway, you should always twist your shoulder to the back left. The double half European turn is performed at the end of the runway. When modeling shoes, you should always tape the bottoms. The applicable hair color for modeling or acting is your natural hair. No jewelry is appropriate for a modeling job. Unless modeling for that specific jewelry. When sitting, never show your knew and keep light space. Make sure your skin is clean, your nails are groomed, and your hair is washed 24 hours before the photo shoot. Ge plenty of sleep and arrive on time. Perfect posture will add to your confident appearance more than any other contributing factor. Appropriate posture builds good health by allowing the inner organs to function correctly. Modeling is very difficult to learn, but if you want it, you can achieve it.
Acting is...

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