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Necessity Of The Internet Reasons Why And How We Need The Internet Plus Things It Has Changed.

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The Internet is no longer a tool for only transferring packets of data across countries, it is now a requirement in daily life and success. It has evolved from that feeble and quite slow age of computing. The Internet has turned into a device that provides services for almost any age of consumer. It can be used as the ever-so-profound communication service, which can include all ranges of communication including those for advertising purposes. The Internet can be of use for learning and has widespread access to information. One other very popular use of the Internet is for entertainment.
On the night of October 29th of the year 1969, the Internet was launched in a very rudimentary form known as ARPANET. This was nothing like our current form of the Internet. The Internet soon became a public interest, and what is known as a Web Browser was invented. The Web Browser shows the websites to the monitor for the user view. That eventually evolved into other applications and lead to programs such as instant messaging and email. The Internet soon augmented into what we have today, a massive media and communications system. Email is the most frequently used form of communication and the most used form of the Internet. The Internet now obviates old forms of mail. Because of the ability to email someone at any time and at any place, many people can send important documents in a matter of seconds rather than worrying about the reliability of the archaic “snail mail”, or the dilatory process of which it is sent. Memos, letters, general information, and other files can be used in email. People can send a picture or attach an important file, such as a presentation, to an email that needs to be sent. However, with such ease of use and simply enjoyable experience of email, we also must endure the obnoxious advertisements commonly referred to as spam or junk.
Advertisements come in all shapes and sizes or in all file formats and templates. Not all advertising is sent through the form of email. It can present itself as a “pop-up” or it can even be an entire website. Web designers get paid mostly for the designs of companies advertising a product. These designs can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to an extreme of three thousand. There have even been claims of web designs being sold for over fifty thousand. Why would someone pay so much for a website? The answer is simple: the Internet is huge. The average time that a...

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