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Preschool And The Role And Value Of Play

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In today’s preschool culture, the role and value of play is very important for children; a rich environment filled with playmates, opportunities to learn how to share, take turns, self-regulate, and make life-long friends only scratches the surface of why play is central for children’s development. Parents aren’t seeing what is happening: what they see as random play is actually being utilized to help the child grow socially, emotionally, and physically. Parents believe that children should be spending more time working at an academic level instead of spending their time playing with blocks, puzzles, or being with friends.
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Children can grow physically by playing outside, playing with rocks using their hands and fingers, and overall learn more about their environment and use their gross and fine motor skills, just by being physical. A child’s language skills can develop during this physical play; in order to make a friend, that child has to start communicating with them. It might start out with the child talking to themselves, but soon they will become more comfortable and familiar with other classmates. Self-confidence can also be developed during play: if a child is successful at doing a specific activity and has been working at that activity for a while, the teacher should use that as an opportunity to communicate what they saw to the child, let them know how proud they are of that child’s accomplishment.
As a child continues through school, they will lose whatever chances they had to play. As that child continues to go through school, recess times will diminish until it doesn’t exist at all. The child will forget how to play as they discover the types of technology out there that will continue to help them learn; this can be found via computer, tablet, or phone. There are also video games children can play that can make them as physically active as if they were outside or in another stimulating environment. Even at the preschool stage, there are some programs out there that are more concerned about keeping the children safe and preparing them for kindergarten that the educators and parents are forgetting that the child needs to play and be physically active in order to learn. No matter how you slice it, technology won’t give children all the skills they need to survive in a setting that calls on certain skills needed in school or in the real world. Technology is important, but it’s not the be all end all of learning.
We also need to stop keeping these kids too safe; a child scraping their knee or falling while playing is not the end of the world! As long as the teacher is being the over-protective helicopter type, the child is going to be robbed of valuable once-in-a-lifetime experiences; even though this keeps the child safe,...

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