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HighScope Preschool Curriculum Content - Key Developmental IndicatorsA. Approaches to LearningInitiative: Children demonstrate initiative as they explore their world.Planning: Children make plans and follow through on their intentions.Engagement: Children focus on activities that interest them.Problem solving: Children solve problems encountered in play.Use of resources: Children gather information and formulate ideas about their world.Reflection: Children reflect on their experiences.B. Social and Emotional DevelopmentSelf-identity: Children have a positive self-identity.Sense of competence: Children feel they are competent.Emotions: Children recognize, label, and regulate their feelings.Empathy: Children demonstrate empathy toward others.Community: Children participate in the community of the classroom.Building relationships: Children build relationships with other children and adults.Cooperative play: Children engage in cooperative play.Moral development: Children develop an internal sense of right and wrong.Conflict resolution: Children resolve social conflicts.C. Physical Development and HealthGross-motor skills: Children demonstrate strength, flexibility, balance, and timing in using their large muscles.Fine-motor skills: Children demonstrate dexterity and hand-eye coordination in using their small muscles.Body awareness: Children know about their bodies and how to navigate them in space.Personal care: Children carry out personal care routines on their own.Healthy behavior: Children engage in healthy practices.D. Language, Literacy, and Communication1Comprehension: Children understand language.Speaking: Children express themselves using language.Vocabulary: Children understand and use a variety of words and phrases.Phonological awareness: Children identify distinct sounds in spoken language.Alphabetic knowledge: Children identify letter names and their sounds.Reading: Children read for pleasure and information.Concepts about print: Children demonstrate knowledge about environmental print.Book knowledge: Children demonstrate knowledge about books.Writing: Children write for many different purposes.English language learning: (If applicable) Children use English and their home language(s) (including sign language).E. MathematicsNumber...


Curriculum Integration Essay

1043 words - 5 pages students interest and needs. Works Cited (Anonymous, 2007). Primary programs framework for teaching and learning (kindergarten to grade 3). Retrieved from Brewer, J. (2007). Introduction to early childhood education: Preschool through primary grades (6th Ed). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. Burton, L. D. (2013). Subject-centered curriculum. Retrieved from

Integrated Curriculum Design or Subject-based Approach - You Decide

1028 words - 5 pages the integrated curriculum approach emphazises on students interest and needs. Works Cited (Anonymous, 2007). Primary programs framework for teaching and learning (kindergarten to grade 3). Retrieved from Brewer,J. (2007). Introduction to early childhood education: Preschool through primary grades (6th ed).Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. Burton,L.D.(2013). Subject-centered

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2221 words - 9 pages Förskolan [Curriculum for Preschool] (Skolverket, 2010) Similarly to Australia’s child care and kindergarten history, Swedish preschools were set up due to mothers having to work during the Industrialisation period, meaning children were left unattended at home (Engdahl, 2004; Nutbrown, Clough & Selbie, 2008). The first preschools were established in the mid-19th century in Stockholm and other large cities by philanthropists and representatives from

Guiding Principles To Early Childhood Curriculum Using Examples From Four Countries

2392 words - 10 pages EYFS and Swedish Preschool Curriculum. 1) Reggio Reggio represents a child-centered curriculum for young children developed by Loris Malaguzzi through the collaborative input of parent, teachers and the Reggio Emilia community (Hewett, 2001). According to (Bennett, 2004) at the core of Reggio Emilia is the construction of the child’s identity, values, communication and learning competencies. Reggio has no written or planned goals to be achieved

Malaysia's and Australia's Educational Systems Compared

1782 words - 7 pages Malaysian Education System Malaysia consists of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah. In Malaysia, all the education system is under the control of government. This central curriculum makes every states and territory having the same curriculum, age to go to school and others. In Malaysia, there are five phrases of education which are preschool, primary, secondary schools and tertiary education (Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025

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1404 words - 6 pages Regulation. Retrieved from Queensland Government. (2014). Sun safety at childcare. Retrieved from Teaching Strategies (2012). The Creative Curriculum System for Preschool. Retrieved from inside.html# The Scottish Government. (2009). Curriculum for

Why America Needs Mandatory Preschool

1115 words - 4 pages increasing difficulty with school. The curriculum in schools is claiming to be harder in higher levels, but the lack of focus and direction in the younger grades has made for decreased grade levels and lower mastery in several basic areas such as math, writing, and reading skills. Standardized test scores are at an all time low, as increasing amounts of children progress through the educational system having not attended a preschool or nursery school

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

1558 words - 6 pages level.Finally, the Declaration of Curricular and Instructional Alignment to the Arizona Academic Standards will ensure that the newly created articulation and alignment improvement plan between pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will remain in place and provide an opportunity for evaluation and review.ReferencesArizona Department of Education. (2005). Educational services and resources forearly childhood education preschool curriculum Retrieved

Interpersonal Communication: How it is used in the Preschool Environment

1659 words - 7 pages child begin to use and fine tune their communication skills; a baby learns that when she screams, she will get food or she will get changed or comforted; this behavior then continues because the child knows what will happen when she cries. As child grows into toddlerhood and eventually to preschool age, this communication will develop into asking for food with words like please and thank you. A very important experience a child can have throughout

The Benefits of High Quality Early Education

2685 words - 11 pages range of social, emotional and behavior outcomes for students. (Evaluation of a Creative Curriculum in Preschool Literacy). It was reported that the academic and cognitive achievements scores excel in measures of high quality preschool children. Vygotsky philosophy encourages early childhood teachers to develop curriculum that enhances a child's development (Mooney, 2000). Over 50 years of research, including several recent self-determining studies

Proposal to Reform the Educational System

1713 words - 7 pages such as China, Japan, and Finland; the United States runs the grave risk of losing its economic edge in the world (Wilde 1). The achievement gap in the United States should be much narrower considering the immense amount of wealth this county holds. At this point, failure can no longer be tolerated; wasting money can no longer be tolerated. In order to fix the system, a fully-funded voluntary preschool program should be available to every kid

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633 words - 3 pages this age. Not all preschools will use the same curriculum, however, most who have a focus on education, will use one of the more standard forms of curriculum. This will help your child to prepare for kindergarten. Academic education is not the only important aspect of preschool. It may not even be the most important. Children will learn social interaction, which is very important for children at this age. They will learn to get along with and

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656 words - 3 pages effects of it on the children I currently work with. The preschool/daycare that I am employed at has a well-defined curriculum for babies starting at seven weeks old to the after school children, with the oldest being 11 years old. The administration, my coworkers, and I are all continuously receiving outside training throughout the year. I have always thought of our job as forming the foundation for each child’s future education, as well as social and


611 words - 3 pages The state of Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework reflects the key components according to The Connecticut State Department of Education states that the essential purpose is "The Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework is based on the model of intentional teaching" State Department of Education). Through this purpose teachers are able to learn about how to implement these practices into their classroom. There are several standards in

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702 words - 3 pages . I would have like to know why those particular tests were chosen, were there any other tests that could have been given, and more knowledge on these particular tests. I also think there should have been more information on the “other preschools” that were included. There was knowledge given on The Head Start Program, and it was self-explanatory about the “no preschool” children. There was no real information given on the school curriculum