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Preschool: Should It Be Mandatory? Essay

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Babies don’t stay babies forever. Eventually, they turn four and parents have to make the difficult decision of putting them in preschool or keeping them to themselves for an extra year. This decision could be life changing for a child, however, it could also be too much for a four year old. The history of preschool becoming an everyday thing for any child has greatly evolved over the years. Preschool gives young children a head start on school so when they attend kindergarten they already have an understand of some school related things. The price of sending a child to preschool is also a factor a lot of parents look at before sending their kids. These are all reasons that parents either ...view middle of the document...

Studies show that preschool students may have better math skills and even a bigger vocabulary than older children. They may also be better at pronouncing words, knowing what more letters look like, and are better at understanding concepts of books. Preschool is not just a place busy parents send their children for the day. Preschool students are learning what they will learn in kindergarten but at a simpler level, this can better help prepare these young kids for moving up to kindergarten.
When parents are deciding whether or not they should send their child to preschool one of the main factors they think of is the price of tuition. Some people say the government should pay for students to attend school while others think the parents should pay for it as long as it is a reasonable cost. During 2008, the price to attend preschool rose about five-hundred dollars to $4,600 per year. Currently preschool can cost anywhere from $4,460 to $13,158 per year which means about $372 to $1,100 a month. Elementaries, Jr. Highs and High Schools do not even usually cost this much. Public schools do most likely cost more, however, students can attend public elementary school for just a couple hundred dollars for the whole year. Why do preschools cost so much? Shouldn’t there just be a registration fee and option to donate to the school?
Everyone has their own opinion about preschool, just like everyone has their own opinion about anything else in the world. Some people think preschool is just wonderful and all children should attend so they can be smart and get ahead in live. However, some people feel that four-year olds should be spending another year with a full-time parent that can teach them some stuff that preschool will also teach. No one will ever have the same feelings about preschool, but some people that were once pro or con about preschool may change their mind after reading or listening to some debates. People can make excellent points about how effective or non=effective preschool is. Parents should take other peoples opinions into consideration when deciding to send their child to preschool. One person could completely change another's mind and feelings about something.
On a debate website there is a debate called “Preschool is...

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