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Not all mathematics is based on deductive logic but inductive logic as well. Inductive reasoning is coming to a conclusion based on principle facts. It can suggest the truth of a statement but not directly prove the statement; which means when you use this logic, you’re mainly basing it off observations. Probabilities in math are mostly inductive reasoning. In my math class, a few weeks ago we learned about probability. For one of the problems, we had to make a chart and see which color the spinner would land the most on out of five spins. The spinner landed on red three times, so using inductive logic we can come to the conclusion that the color red was landed on the most. However, not all probabilities can be true. Earlier, I had mentioned that deductive logic is 100% certain, but with inductive logic; you can never be 100% certain of your results gained from using inductive reasoning. When a mathematician uses deductive or inductive reasoning, he only needs “reason” as a way of knowing. Nevertheless, not all forms of knowledge are attained through “reason” therefore the “strength” of the evidence becomes arguable when it goes in other areas of knowledge where two or more ways of knowing have to be used to develop evidence.
In the second Area of Knowledge, I will be addressing natural sciences, more specifically, the problems of inductive reasoning. Scientific investigations are based off of a form of reasoning called induction. “Induction is the process by which a general conclusion is drawn from a number of separate observations.” (Bastian pg.172) Knowledge in science is gathered through experimentation which can either help support the hypothesis or disprove the hypothesis. Even though there may be consistency with our knowledge in science, you can never prove anything completely because scientific knowledge is always cautious. There may be unpredictability due to the fact that errors may occur. Science progresses by testing predictions made by scientific hypotheses in an attempt to try and disprove the hypothesis. With inductive reasoning, you draw a conclusion from a series of separate observations about the same event. The problem with this method though, is that you can’t be sure that you have made every significant observation. Also, you cannot be sure that your current observations will behave the same way in the future as it did in the past. However, we live our normal everyday lives making...

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