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Prescription Drug Coverage Essay

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To gain current, differing ideological viewpoints on aspects of healthcare reform I watched three national news programs and read two newspaper articles from a national and local paper between 2/24/10 and 2/28/10. I watched “Special Report” freom Fox News on 2/24. On 2/25 I watched “World News Tonight” on ABC where the healthcare summit was reviewed. I also read the article “White House punts on key cost-saving move” from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 2/25. On 2/27 I read “Democrats push forward on healthcare” from the LA Times. Finally, on 2/28 I watched “State of the Union” on CNN at noon.
Policy issue
The policy issue I have identified is prescription drug coverage. This interests me because prescription drugs are a major part of modern medicine. They serve as compliments to medical procedures; substitutes for surgery or other procedures; and new treatments where there were none previously (Oliver, Lee & Lipton, 2004). As the medical community’s understanding of the human body increases the possibility for new pharmaceutical interventions will increase.
Prescription drug coverage is an important issue because many rely on the day to day help they receive from prescription drugs. Furthermore, the elderly and disabled populations are particularly reliant on prescription drugs and have some of the least means to purchase them (Huh, Rice & Ettner, 2008). The combination of limited income and high drug costs can cause people such as seniors to take risks with their health by trying to extend their medications or go without them.
Political Ideology
I feel my political ideology most closely aligns with classical conservatism as described by Karger and Stoesz. This is because classical conservatism has the most points that I believe in. The first point Karger and Stoesz (2002) makes distinguishing a classical conservative from other conservatives is their strong belief in the separation of church and state. Our country was built and populated by people seeking religious freedom. The government should not make legislation that may discriminate against a religion and be free from undue influence by religious organizations.
Another point of classical conservatism I believe in is the demand for lower taxes and less governmental spending (Karger & Stoesz, 2002). There is too much wasteful spending by the government on all levels as oversight is poor. This refers not to useful programs but to the ways agencies and programs spend money. Reducing the money the government receives will force it to be more efficient in spending.
The next indicator that describes my ideology is the belief in a limited federal government (Karger & Stoesz, 2002). This country was founded as a union of independent states that granted limited power to a federal government in certain areas. Since then both the country and role of the federal government have grown. While some of the governmental growth was natural and warranted, it...

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