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Prescription Drug Overdoses Are On The Rise Essay

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Coms 225 Argumentation

Drug overdoses are an unfortunate reality that can only be controlled to a certain extent with illegal drugs. Prescription drugs though are legally attained and “outweigh illegal drug overdoses immensely (Strategies to stop the Epidemic).” So why are the legal pharmacy medications killing more Americans than illegal narcotics, which are made in unregulated labs containing far more hazardous chemicals? In California specifically there are in fact a lot of contributing factors as well as a growing number of laws set up to fight this uphill death toll, but who is really to blame?

Prescription drug overdoses are on the rise and the public wants answers as to why this is occurring? In what ways do doctors, consumers, irresponsibility, alcohol, pharmacies, pharmacists, laws, health department, online pharmacies etc. contribute to the rising death toll? No matter how one feels about the situation there are a number of undeniable facts that share as a common place for either position on whom is to blame for the increasing number of prescription drug overdoses. First the problem starts with a prescription pad in which legal drugs. Are the prescribing physicians knowingly over prescribing narcotic substances, or are the patients scamming the doctors to feed their addiction to these narcotic medications? The answer is tough but no one can doubt that it has participants on both sides of the prescription pad.

This epidemic is a problem to me because I have seen both sides corruptly contributing to this rising death toll. I have personally been on the patient side working hard to get certain narcotic medications prescribed to me. I have also witnessed the corrupt doctors who participate in writing prescriptions freely. Some physicians get kickbacks from pharmatecuical companies and some simply do it for the money that they receive by patients for writing certain prescriptions. Without a doubt the non corrupt doctors supersede the so called dirty doctors by a very high number, proving that people are generally good, but there are exceptions to this all the time. At the end of the day Drugs do not kill people, irresponsibility and ignorance combined with drugs kill people. If everyone used there prescription narcotics as they were prescribed for them, as well as not combine things like alcohol into there prescription cocktail then this number of overdoses would be significantly lower. On a similar tangent California has been working hard to pass a few major laws that would supposedly help fight this drug overdose rise and crisis.

The first law that has been proposed is “Senate Bill 62 which would require coroners to report prescription overdose deaths to the Medical Board of California for review (” This first bill was vetoed though by Governor Brown because of the financial drama it would bring along with it. SB62 was introduced in the wake of a Times investigation into the nearly 4,000 accidental...

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