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Prescription Drugs: The Dangers Of Getting Hooked

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According to Phillips (2013) there are many deaths in United States each day for prescription drug overdose; “approximately 100 people die every day” (p.79). This is a crucial amount of people and significantly high compared to other drug overdoses. Prescription drug abuse has been extremely detrimental to the United States citizens and has not only affected the lives of the abusers but their friends and families too. The abuse continues to grow every year despite the efforts taken by many individuals, organizations, and state officials. Why does this growth continue to grow and what are the effects of prescription drug abuse?
There are a few ways in identifying if someone is abusing a drug, and there are many types of drugs that people abuse. There are three ways to define if someone is an abuser of prescription drugs: the drug is deliberately used without a prescription; the drug is used in a way the physician did not intend; and/or for the feelings and experiences that are created through the drug (Prescription Drug Abuse, 2011). There is a distinct difference between abusers and misusers, misusers may use the drug in an improper way but abusers use drugs in an improper way in order to get high. There are four categories of prescription drugs: pain relievers (opioids), depressants, stimulants, and sedatives (Prescription Drug Abuse, 2011). Out of these, pain relievers are by far used the most, and some common drugs that fall under this category are “codone, (e.g., Vicodin); oxycodone, (e.g., OxyContin, Percocet); Morphine, (e.g., Kadian, Avenza); and codeine” (Phillips, 2013, p. 79). Some depressants are Valium, Xanax, and Ambien. Two of the most common stimulants are Adderall and Ritalin.
It is all too easy to become addicted to prescription drugs. You can find drugs anywhere, and all doctors have the authority of prescribing them, this fact alone makes it easy for individuals of all ages to become addicted. Many people believe the consumption of drugs prescribed by doctors is safe and they can take them whenever they feel necessary. Also, they believe that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs. Some people are actually prescribed medicine but when they try to quit taking the medication, because they no longer need it for medical purposes, they discover that they are hooked. Other people use it to get high or create feelings that wouldn’t happen if they were not all drugged up. Whatever the case may be, most people are not educated on the addictive capability these drugs hold (Phillips, 2013, p. 79).
There are many reasons why people abuse prescription drugs. Athletes may use drugs in order to have a better “physical performance” or to take the pain away in order be able to perform. Pain relievers can be used to create a state of exhilaration and happiness. Other prescription drugs can be used to completely alter a person’s state of mind (Phillips, 2013, ps.79-80). People may take drugs, especially teenagers, in...

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