Present Career, Carrer Interest, And The Value Of A College Education

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Conflicts Resolutions within Work Groups
     There are many things to consider when talking about working within a group. One of the major things is conflicts between the group’s members. People will always have conflicts among themselves and with others; it is just a way of life. One of the conflicts that occur within a group is Lack of Leadership, someone needs to be in charge and keep everyone else pointed in the right direction. Another conflict among groups is Group Roles; everyone needs to know where they fit into the puzzle and what is expected of them. Also everyone needs to have coinciding Schedules, that way you know the work is getting done. All of theses problems add up to one of the biggest issues in a group, which is Disagreements and or Arguments.
When one thinks of leadership the first thing that enters there mine is Mentoring. Having the power and the ability to guide, motivate and lead others in any given task are concrete attributes of a good leader. When one or all of these does not happen there is probably a good sign of lack of leadership.
Bosses are often accused of not motivation their workers. They assume that if a person is hired for a job they should perform their job and the motivation should come from the fact that they are receiving a paycheck. This could be deemed as a true statement if the company does not believe in promoting a team environment. When a boss, director, group leader or who ever is put in to a leadership position does not motivate their subordinate there is usually a lack in performance. People enjoy working for leaders with good motivational skills. Motivation skills discover what people are capable of doing and how well they can do it, plus encourage them to strive to do more while taking pride in what they have done.
All leaders have to make decision. Once a leader demonstrate poor decision making skills it is extremely hard to be effective. This leader will find it very hard to get people to trust his or her decision. Poor decision would be a decision made with little regards of the consequences. Poor decisions are often made with little consideration for others. This leader will not be an effective leader without getting training and develop techniques for good decision making. Poor communication can be very damaging in any environment. A poor communicator transmits in a way that is en-effective or discouraging. A person with poor communication skill will affect performance from subordinate.
Avoiding confrontation or ignoring problems stimulate aggravation with subordinates. When a leader chooses to avoid confrontation they are letting a situation get out of hand. Most people want to have a resolution to issues that are affecting a work environment.
It is very discouraging when a leader does not enforce rules or enforce rules with certain people. Most people like to feel that they are treated equal to their fellow workers. Allowing the rules to be constantly broken...

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