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Current Research On Psychology Of Creativity

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It is generally agreed upon by many that a large number of the world's fundamental problems, knowledge and inventions have been produced and solved and therefore advanced by a few good men in comparison; and that a large number of these solutions have came about as a result of some visualization process.For example:*Kekule's dream about a snake in his fireplace forming a ring by biting its own tail led him to the structure of the benzene ring, the basis of all organic chemistry.*Elias Howe's nightmare of being attacked by cannibal wielding spears that happened to have holes in their heads, gave him the break through he needed to solve the last remaining problem before piecing together the sewing machine.*Einstein's "train ride on a beam of light" which taught him--and us--his Theories of Relativity and remade the whole of physics, which helped remake the whole of science.A survey of published references reveals there has always been an aura of mysticism attributed to geniuses, by their biographers and others who study them. The psychologist Sigmund Freud suggested that there is a lot of commonality between highly gifted people and neurotics, whose behaviours are marked by anxiety and other compulsive nervous disorders. In the discussion, we will explore characteristics of creativity and the creative individual and also introduce some modern theories of creativity.It seems to be that genius are born and not made, but there are many methods used by genius that everyone could learn from. Let us first remark on some characteristics of a genius that personify creativity.*Genius may have a broad interest in many unrelated areas, and as a result, display curiosity in many genres of studies. In addition, they may be constantly questioning the current state and body of knowledge.*Geniuses are prolific generators of ideas and solutions to problems and questions, and they often offer clever and unique solutions that few others are able to see. In addition, their arguments are often radical and their arguing is spirited. They may seem irrationally fixated on certain ideas and cling to those ideas often holding on even when confronted with the possibility of rejection from peers. They can become uninhibited in the expression of their opinions. Many geniuses may be described as "high risk takers or possessing a speculative nature."*Many geniuses seem to be good at fantasizing and possess visualization abilities beyond the capabilities of the average individual. Geniuses as a group are more likely to be better at applying their mental imaging and the images derived, to resolving the problem they confront. Creative individuals may often wonder out loud and might be heard saying, "I wonder what will happen if.....". This ability to visualization more richly may be manifested in their sense of humour in which they see humour that may not appear humourous to others. What may be amusing to them often appear bizarre, inappropriate, irrelevant and even disdainful to...

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