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Present Structure, Private, Public And Voluntary Sectors. Key Historical Developments.

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CONTENTSectionPage NumberIntroductionI.The Present Structure of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry1.The Private Sector2.The Public Sector3.The Voluntary Sector4.Integration in the Industry4.1.Vertical Integration4.2.Horizontal IntegrationII.Key Historical Developments1.Socio - economic developments2.Technological developments3.Business developments3.1.Air3.2.Tour Operator3.3.Travel AgentsConclusionBibliography344556677789910101213IntroductionAs the world changes very fast day by day, people tend to work harder and that leads to their requirements of good services for relaxing afterwards. Tourism starts to grow rapidly from this situation.In the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, there are things in common and there are different things in its structure. The vertical and horizontal integration also affects the industry. In order to understand the module and the industry itself well, its key historical developments must be understood and given out clearly.The aim of this assignment is to outline the present structure of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry as well as summarise the key historical developments of it.I.The Present Structure of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry1.The Private SectorIn economics, the private sector is that part of the economy, which runs for the profits, and it is not controlled by the state. The private sector focuses on the needs of the shareholders. Its values are to provide excellent equipment for their customers and excellent customer services.In tourism, the private sector is the comprising of suppliers, tour operators and travel agents. Suppliers are the ones whose business is to provide a particular service, facility or commodity. Tourism suppliers are to supply such tourism service, facility and commodity that both directly and indirectly relates to customers. Travel, tourism and hospitality suppliers include: food companies, hotels, tourism attraction providers, land arrangements, cruises, event organisers, etc. The tour operators are typically combine tour and travel components to create holidays for tourists. An example of tour operator's product would be a flight on an airline plus a transfer between airport and hotel, all for one price. European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) is a good example as it is one of the biggest tour operators in Europe. Travel agent or travel agency is a retail business that sells travel related products and services to customers on behalf of the suppliers. The travel related products hereby could be airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, sightseeing tours and package holidays (combine of several products). There are two types of travel agents. One is the traditional, multi-destination, out-bound travel agency, based in originating location of the travellers and the other is the destination focused, in-bound travel agent, that is based in the destination and delivers an expertise on that location.The private sector plays a...

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