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Presentation Analysis

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This memo examines the strengths and weaknesses of my presentation on March 19, 2010. In addition, the memo discusses my goals for improvement in future presentations as well as a review of Aly Sherali’s presentation.

Presentation Strengths
My organization, voice, and passion were all strong points of my presentation. This allowed me to effectively engage my audience and convey my content in an efficient and logical way.

Tim Koegel, author of The Exceptional Presenter, explains that there are two essential facets of organizing a presentation: developing a structure that allows you to frame your objective and cover your material smoothly, and looking organized to your audience (Koegel, 31-32). I structured my slides and content in a manner that made the goal of my presentation clear and allowed me to cover the information in a smooth, logical manner. I also continually attempted to reengage my audience with key words and examples in my presentation. The mind of an audience member is constantly darting in multiple directions (Koegel, 33). My key words and personal examples gave the audience a reason to refocus on what I was saying. I was also successful in following the five components of a great presentation outlined by Koegel. I began with a purpose when I explained, “I am here to answer the question ‘What in the world is Google Wave?’” I followed this with an objective statement by explaining my agenda. The body of my presentation thoroughly explained the situation by examining what Google Wave is and what it can do. I followed this closely with the benefits the product can offer. Lastly, I ended with a next step: encouraging my audience to try the product (Koegel, 34-38). Including these components in my presentation ensured maximum organization and impact of my content.

Looking organized to my audience allowed me to capture their attention before I even started my presentation. Even if a presenter is the leading authority on a topic, being unprepared can signal the opposite to the audience and cause them to disengage before the presentation even starts (Koegel, 45). I arrived to the venue early, made sure my presentation was easily accessible, and checked to see if my slides worked correctly on the computer. This allowed me to efficiently and confidently lead off my presentation and ensure that I could capture the audience’s attention.

The voice is a valuable tool to becoming an exceptional presenter (Koegel, 84). I used my voice as an effective asset throughout my presentation. My volume was at an effective level throughout the presentation and sounded confident. I also employed inflection in my voice on key points to maintain audience attention. According to studies, eighty-four percent of the impact you have comes from your voice, not your words. I was very careful to avoid monotone voice, which significantly shortens the attention span of an audience (Koegel, 84). I also took great care to eliminate...

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