Presentation: How Can We Be Critical Thinkers As Our School Demands When We Live In China?

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PLaY:Screen1 (3mins)Narrator: There is a little girl who lives happily everyday without a single worry.Maggie: "Mum said I'll be a good girl if and only if I listen to her words"Christina: "What! How amusing! How can we imagine a good girl who just obeys others' opinions without any doubt?"M: "My teacher said TaiWan is part of China and the Japanese were brutal."..................C: Hey guys, look! This kid has been totally brainwashed!!!Unfortunately this Maggie's childhood.M: Hey watch it! What r u talking about? Brainwash?C:Oh. Dear me. Maggie, how can you grow up so rapidly?M: How can you say brainwash in China? U'll be arrested. And half the people here are from communist states.So you mean they are all brainwashed?C:Okay, chill. So now what's your point of view on this issue?Powerpoint Argument (5mins)-Human Science-History-Ethics-ArtsScreen2 (3mins)Narrator: I see in the Universe so many forms of order, laws, systems and balances that our finite, frail intelligence measures only a small portion of the cosmic intelligence. So I believe in God not as the vengeful power in the skies, but the creative vitality of nature's life, mind, order and justice. Still, I do not understand God, just like a droplet trying to understand the sea.Well let's what these two gods are doing(Pointing a world map)M: look at north America what is G.W.Bush talking aboutC: I got it! In order to be elected, he is brainwashing people by all possible means.M:Let's turn to East Asia. You see those people bragging about their Egyptian culture all the time.C:...

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