Presentation Of A Bakery That Uses Organic Resources To Function Business Bstd Task T2 Business

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Business Studies Grade 12 Presentation

A Bakery

Business Idea
To use all home grown resources to grow the freshest quality bread that you can ever find. In the poor communities the bakery and its fair prices help small towns that cannot go to the shops outside of their homes cause of distance and prices. The placement of all the bakeries must in perfect walking distance. The bakery does not only sell plain bread but bread rolls and many other health types of bread like seeded bread, brown bread and raisin bread. This business does not only want to provide baked goods but also can create many jobs for people in these communities and if more bakeries can be made this can help the unemployment rate in provinces. The business is not so much for making a big profit but just enough for the owner to get by, create more braches and help the poorest communities all around the country. Each organic ingredient will be grown on the best of best farms in each community which in itself can create even more jobs for labourers. Health breads are especially baked for all the people who like raisin bread etc. There’s is a loaf for everyone’s liking and everybody has a full choice in what they want to have in or on their loaves of bread. It is purely a matter of what you eat and what you do not eat. There’s a function called build a loaf where a customer can choose the thickness of crust, what they want inside or on top other the crust etc. at no extra costs than a normal loaf other than the extras e.g. Seeds/Nuts
Costs per bakery:
Ingredients (Yeast, Butter etc.): R600
Equipment such as ovens: R2000
Seeds for ingredients R400
Edible seeds/Raisins: R280
Electricity: R2000+

Vision – To provide many kinds of cheap, tasty bread to poor communities without seizing the freshness or quality away the products. By having many braches all around poor communities, by doing this it also creates many job opportunities for some of the unemployed people in these towns. To provide unique design never seen before in loaves of bread for the attraction of new consumers
Mission – The business grows its own ingredients for the baking in which they use these organic ingredients to bake cheap breads for the disadvantaged communities directly in the hometowns so that they do not need to travel far for bread anymore, benefits their communities. This provides easy access to poor people all around these bakeries. More braches are aimed for once the bakery gets the publicity it needs. We aim to prevent poor communities from paying to travel into the cities for the littlest thing such as a loaf of bread. These people therefore save a lot more money not just by purchasing the cheapest bread but also traveling is reduced greatly
Objective – is for municipalities all around to see the benefit for poor communities to have this bakery near them and to provide donations so that more bakeries can be built all around the country in every community that...

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