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Presentation Of Lara Croft In The Film Tomb Raider

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Presentation of Lara Croft in the Film Tomb Raider

Women have always had a certain classification in society. You can
call it discrimination if you like. This discrimination went on for
quite a while and as a result women were not given chances to do a lot
of things from jobs to education. But now things have changed,
especially in the world of films. Previously you would see a man
saving a woman repeatedly from the hands of an evil monster. Yet
nowadays, it's the women who are in control - saving the men from the
hands of gangsters. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) proves my point. She
takes full advantage of the opportunity she has and does it well.

Women usually have conventional roles in films. They are portrayed as
being beautiful, weak and always in distress - having to be saved by a
'knight in shining armour' (Melanie Lewis, Women in the world of

When we first see Lara, she's wearing a black bikini, which is very
sexy and revealing. In the past women were meant to be virginal and
wearing white which meant that she was a good girl and men would
respect her. But on the other hand, if she was wearing black she would
have been seen as being evil and perverse. The writer has totally
broken the stereotype for the role of Lara.

Another stereotype the writer reverses is when Lara gets into the boat
and says "Hello boys. You're all wet". Now this would usually be a
line of a male. It is a stereotypical sexual fantasy for men to see
women in wet clothing. It sticks to their bodies revealing their body
parts. If you watch the movie closely, you'll see that when Lara makes
that remark, she has a big grimace on her face and it's as if she
knows what she's doing is a role - reversal.

Nowadays, it is not very surprising to see sexy and intelligent women
in films. Although the emphasis on beauty seems to be as important now
as in the past, the novelty of adding brains to beauty has encouraged
producers and script writers to get rid of the obvious Bimbo.

Lara proves she has brains and beauty by her knowledge. Before Lara
comes into the boat, the men were already planning what they wanted to
do not knowing that Lara had a proper plan. She speaks with confidence
and does not let what the men say change her mind. In earlier times,
it was said that 'a woman's place is in the kitchen'. This does not
apply to Lara. She knows that she is fully educated and has used what
she has to discover more. Lara has:

§ Geographical knowledge - She talks about a volcano and currents (the

§ Map reading skills

§ Historical knowledge - She talks about the history of the Lunar
Temple and the pyramids.

§ Resourceful - She takes a little girl's chewing gum and uses it to
fix the high- tech equipment when it does not work.

§ Bilingual - She is able to communicate with the...

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