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Presentation On How Sports Brings People Together

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I'm going to respond to the view of sport as foul and as a thing that separates people. I think that sport does not always have to be a negative thing. Sport can act as a unifier between many people around the world supporting the same team. My speech is going to show the other side of the argument.

Sport can act as a unifier as when many people support the same team they instantly become friendly even if they do not know one another. Joe Humphrey said that “sport is essentially anti-family and encourages unethical, discriminatory behaviour”. This is the exact opposite of what happens when people join together to support their team. This unifies people of all races and religions. When a person supports their team they do not care if the people around them are different since they focus on the unity of all the people around them supporting them.

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This creates friendships between nations. Countries try to be friendly to other countries to create a better and more enjoyable sporting events. Nations bond and help each other due to sport especially the World Cup which is a way for countries to show off their support for the teams and the unification of people.

Sport does not have a language. Sport does not need words, it can unite people with the fact that people that speak different languages understand each other and the other people supporting their favourite team. People that speak different languages don't need to worry about language barriers as there is no problem with misunderstandings in sport. The rules are the same, the different sporting events are similar and people feel like they fit in anywhere.

Sport builds similarity by bringing people to one place creating a similarity between people of things they like to do. People find similarities in other people because they give people a chance to show who they are when they support the same things. This contradicts Joe Humphrey's opinion on sport as something that is “essentially anti-family and encourages unethical, discriminatory behaviour”. Sport does not destroy friendships, in fact, no sporting events destroys friendships as there is nothing much in common between people.

Sporting events and supporting your favourite team is fun and this builds up endorphins in the body making people more friendly than usual and the fun that people have supporting teams together is a feeling that is strong enough to unite nations and create peace and equality between people. People support teams and want to have fun doing so. This is the reason that people don't like fighting with people when they are supporting their favourite team or supporting the people that they consider family.

This is why I think Joe Humphrey's ideas and opinions of sports is mislead and isn't backed up enough. People unite with sports, not create barriers. Sports should be used to create unity and make people friendly. Sport can have cheating since people are competitive but this does not create war between people.

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