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Many years ago there was a bird, the passenger pigeon that was very plentiful.When the flocks would fly, they covered the sky and nearly blocked out the sun.People killed them, not for food, but for fun. They thought the bird would be hereforever. The last passenger pigeon died in a zoo in 1914. Black bears were abundantin New Jersey. In the mid 1970's, they were nearly driven to extinction. Laws werepassed and the bear have made a comeback. When humans have taken actions thatharm the planet and the creatures living within it, the government must take action.That is the case with the extinction of plants and animals. Why should they goextinct?Over 34,000 plant species and 5,200 animal species around the globe arethreatened with extinction, and many thousands more become extinct each yearbefore biologists can identify them. The primary causes of species extinction orendangerment are habitat destruction, commercial exploitation, damage caused bynonnative plants and animals introduced into an area, and pollution. Of thesecauses, direct habitat destruction threatens the most species. As species evolve, mostadapt to a specific habitat or environment that best meets their survival needs.Habitat disintegration has caused plant and animal species in the remaining islandsof habitat to lose contact with other populations of their own kind. This reducestheir genetic diversity and makes them less adaptable to environmental or climaticchange. These small populations are highly vulnerable to extinction. Since the 1600s,worldwide commercial exploitation of animals for food and other products hascaused many species to become extinct or endangered. Wildlife trade involves thecapture of animals for pets, zoo specimens, and research subjects. The capture ofwild animals for commercial use has endangered many species. Other animals havebeen killed in such large numbers for their fur, hides, tusks, or horns that they arenearly extinct. People who believe that the animals threaten their livelihoods...

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