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Preserve The Core Value Of The Organization

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The department of Information Technology (IT) provides leadership for the development of cost effective technical services and business solutions. The department is the foundation of the organization. The responsibility of the department is to store, transmit, receive, retrieve, protect, and secure information. Employees are able to rely on the assistance of software programs including consumers who are impaired. This infrastructure of the organization is essential to provide absolute immediacy with a clear and concise point of view (Palmira, 2012). A breakdown of the organization is inevitable without constructive communication of IT because new concepts improve the quality of products and the reputation of the company.
Eliminating the Workload
The defensive action is to review the daily expenses and avoid possible circumstances, which jeopardize business profits. The IT offers various possibilities to improve overhead and knowledge of consumers (Bakos, & Treacy, 1986). The loss of assistance will decrease the competitive advantage and earnings during unstable market conditions. The direction of IT increases revenue of 25% through project management software. The commitment of IT will ensure the software eliminates confusion in compliance of project expectations through progress reports, which allow progressive decisions (Stevens, 2013). This strategy paves the road by removing the task of locating facts and collecting miss-matched information.
Accurate collection of information requires storing information to benefit the planning process and tactical execution of strategies. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) improves productivity and benefits from the ability to recall information (MacKechnie, 2013). The effective coordination of IT will benefit every participant of the production planning system by reducing the turnaround time for new orders (Bakos, & Treacy, 1986). This will enable employees to expedite consumer information by tracking the success of multiple projects (Lorette, 2013). The organization relies on IT to provide focus and opportunities for personnel to create new products and preserve the advantage in competitive markets. Resistance to change focus is denying personnel to achieve the objectives of the organization.
Logical Resolution
The organization must consider relying on IT to ensure the success of the System Development Life Cycle...

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