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Saving Erin Essay

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Jason McCrea 09/06/00 English 1101 Dr. Horn Parents see their children as innocent individuals needing someone to guide them through life. Part of parenting is letting go and allowing the child to grow up. This is harder for some parents than others. Parents need to allow their children to enjoy life and make decisions on their own. I have not experienced this situation to a great extent in my own family, but I have witnessed a family almost torn in two by parents not allowing their daughter to move on.I have been dating Erin for over a year and a half now. She has the type of parents that just cannot "loosen up." In her parents' eyes, Erin is their property and will not be allowed to live life until one of the two occurs: she has to move out or get married to me. Throughout our relationship, her parents have caused too much commotion. I was miserable with the way we were being treated. It was time to do something about it.It was a normal night. Erin and I were spending time together at my house like always. We began to talk and her parents came up in the conversation. It was a real sensitive subject to Erin because the night before she got into a huge argument with her parents over respect and how she thought she was not being treated fairly. I became furious and hurt at the same time. Having Erin laying in my lap, crying hysterically over her...

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2395 words - 10 pages , 25 March 2013. Web. Nov. 2013. Fu, Yu. “90% of Urban Groundwater Polluted in China”. CRIENGLISH.COM. 1 Sep. 2011. Web. Nov. 2013. Henry, Erin. “Water Scarcity in the North China Plain: Water Saving Irrigation and its Implications for Water Conservation.” National Science Foundation and Michigan State University 8 July 2004: 5. Print. Li, Lianxing, Li, Yingqing and Guo, Anfei. “Only drops of hope in drought lands.” USA.CHINA DAILY.COM.CN. 21

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