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Preserving The Sandhill Crane Essay

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Preserving the Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Cranes are known for their courtship dances and their distinct loud calls. According to Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, there are a total of six subspecies of Sandhill Cranes that are classified into two groups; the migratory and non-migratory. “The three migratory subspecies (Lesser, Greater and Canadian) are distributed across a broad breeding range in the northern U.S. and Canada as well as eastern Siberia, with wintering grounds in the southern United States and northern Mexico. The three non-migratory subspecies (Mississippi, Cuban, and Florida) have restricted ranges in the southern United States and Cuba (International Crane ...view middle of the document...

In response, foraging Sandhills avoid treated seed but remain in the field to feed non-destructively on other foods (International Crane Foundation).” Over the years, hunting Sandhill cranes lead to the mistake of shooting whooping cranes, which are listed as endangered. “The reason being is because whooping cranes follow similar migration route as the eastern population of the Sandhill cranes to their wintering areas (KY Coalition for Sandhill Cranes).” By not hunting Sandhill cranes, it also prevents hunters from shooting the whooping cranes. Adding on, Sandhill cranes should not be hunted because they are beautiful birds admired by so many people. Just like any other animal being hunted, they’re only being hunted for prizes, to see who shot the biggest one, or just for fun.
Sandhill cranes are admired for their physical beauty. They are known for their tall, gray-bodied, and crimson-capped head. According to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, Sandhill cranes are the most eye-catching out of the other bird families. States that have a large population of them may agree with the National Life Federation that “one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the United States is the annual congregation of the Sandhill cranes.” Not only are these birds beautiful, but remains found in Nebraska, dating back to 2.5 million years ago, was believed to be fossilized remains of early prehistoric ancestors of the Sandhill crane (Wild Bird Habitat Store). By preserving the Sandhill crane, they not only do they capture the beauty in nature, but they also remain as one of the oldest birds to live on earth!
Sandhill cranes are an important symbol in some cultures. They are considered a majestic bird in the Asian culture like Japan and China. In China, Sandhill cranes are in ancient paintings,...

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