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Sharolyn WinfreySpecies ProfileAugust 27, 2014A Look Into The Wolves LifeWolves depend on one another to survive. In 1630, settlers in Massachusetts Bay Colony pass rewarded money to any resident that killed a wolf. 100,000 wolves were killed every year between 1870 and 1877. Yellowstone National Park, a park created for endangered animals, was created in 1872. In 1930 the last wolf was killed, in Yellowstone National Park. Finally, in 1994 wolves were brought back to Yellowstone and several other states. Nowadays, people still hunt for wolves which is bad because this affects the rest of the wolf pack. According to Wadsworth, in many countries wolves went extinct a long time ago (Wadsworth, 1996). However, there are still thousands of wolves in Canada, Eurasia and Alaska. Some reasons why some countries no longer have wolves could be because wolves are hunted, severe weather or crossbreeding. There are also more reasons why the wolf is going extinct. If people don't do something to help the wolves not go into extinction then other animals would die, too. Some ways to assure that wolves survive are to write a letter to congressmen, donate to charities and volunteer to teach people about wolves. Wolves help the ecosystem a lot more than this species gets credited for so please help the wolves survive.Humans have a negative impact on wolves. Humans mainly affect wolves by hunting them. One reason why they are killed is because wolves are known to kill pets and livestock. It is possible that wolves kill livestock and pets because humans moved into what used to be the wolf's natural home. The article Wolf and Humans states that in places like Alaska, wolves rarely bother the humans and animals (Wolves and Humans, 2014). It is possible that if humans left the wolves alone then, humans and wolves would be at peace. According to Sparks, human attitudes and actions are where the problem starts (Sparks, 2012). This view between the human and wolf conflict shows that the wolf is the innocent being. Most of the conflict is with humans. Humans have shot wolves, ran into wolves and poisoned or trapped wolves. All the wolf does is eat animals, which is needed to survive. However, wolves still don't have enough food. Humans are hurting the wolves Certain steps need to be taken to protect wolves. Some ways to help prevent wolves from go to extinction are to write letters to a government official, to "adopt a wolf" and to volunteer with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service department. Bowerman stated that writing a letter to a "congressional representative to let the legislator know you are concerned about the plight of wolves and hope he or she will consider that when voting for funds or new laws regarding wildlife protection" (Bowerman, 2014). This would help the wolves a lot by having somebody as an advocate. It might just be one...

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