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President Bush On Iraq Essay

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President Bush has stated that the U.S. goal in Iraq is to establish a government that is free, democratic, not a threat to America or its neighbors.Contrary to popular belief in the United States, Iraq was not a threat to the United States while Saddam Hussein was ruling it. Iraq is the size of Idaho and has less people than California (CIA World Fact-Book). The United State's reason for invading Iraq was weapons of mass destruction however, according to CIA, there has been little or no direct evidence that Iraq was indeed manufacturing Atomic Weapons or planning to use them on any other country (MSNBC News). China has nuclear weapons, are we going to invade China next? What about Pakistan, The United Kingdom, the illegitimate Republic of France, or Russia? What would the United States government do if Pakistan and China told it that it either allows their agents to conduct weapons inspections at its bases or they are going to invade? That is an easy question for "any" American to answer; The United States would say, "Bring it on."The feeling of many States from around the world is, what gives the United States the right to tell another Country how to rule its people? Americans are brought up to believe that they are superior to all over Countries and that their way is the best way of doing things. This is what Hitler thought, what the Romans thought and what the former Soviet Union thought. The United States wants to set up a government in Iraq that its people accept and that it can control.Fareed Zakaria would warn President Bush that Iraq is nothing like the United States in its political structure, its cultural structure or the way its society is set up. If the United States wishes to make Iraq a liberal democracy, that is, where a person is elected by free and fair elections and also by the rule of law (1), then the first and foremost important aspect of setting up a new government should be the form of government the country should take on. Where democracies have been the popular choice in the world one must also consider all other aspects about the country itself from religous viewpoints to ethnic viewpoints. As Zakaria has pointed out, most oftenly when an ethnic group attains power they usually exclude other ethnic groups (5). Democracy from its begining has meant rule by the people (Zakaria 2). Whether the country becomes a Monarchy or a true liberal Democracy then the implimentation of the law by a written Constitution describing the fair and just way these politicials obtain office and what powers are deglagated to them is essential. Zakaria has said that what one must be concerned with is with the rapid spread of democracy and multiparty elections, it has caused a few presidents to bypass their own weak parlimounts and rule by presidential decree decaying the law established by the constitutional (1).The Majority of Iraqi's, 95%, are reverent religious people. They are a people with 5000 years of living under Monarchs and Empires...

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