President George W. Bush A Liar, A Thief, And A Criminal

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President Bush - A Liar, a Thief, and a Criminal




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The purpose of this essay is to expose George W. Bush as the fraud he is. From rigging the 2000 presidential election, to waging war on a country that had no connection to the 9/11 bombings on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. George Bush must be shown for what he really is – a liar, a thief, and a criminal. This essay will go into detail about what Bush is currently doing, how he “won” the 2000 Presidential Election, and what he did before he was president

It was a sunny day in Florida, and as the votes were counted from the controversial “Butterfly Ballot”, George W. Bush was ahead of Al Gore by a tiny margin of votes. It was then seen that a staggering 1,500 votes went un-counted. As the people of America demanded a recount, the Bush Administration did not want a recount, because they knew they would lose the election. So they took the matter to the courts, and won. Until this day, no full recount has ever been done. It is also very suspicious that the winning candidates brother was governor of Florida.

Bush’s reign of terror was in control ages before he was the 43rd President of The United States Of America. Before presidency, Bush was governor of Texas. During this time, he was a binge drinker and alcoholic and allegedly took bribes. He was described as “A cowboy who cares more about making money and wielding his power”. He had full control over executions in Texas, and he held (and still does) the highest execution rate ever in American history for one state. During his time as governor, he executed 153 people, many of whom were mentally disabled.

Since the year 2000 when he became president, Bush has become the most hated person on the planet. Over 80% of Canadians don’t like him, over 75% of Australians don’t like him, and 87% of America hates him. He set the all time record for most people protesting against one person simultaneously (10 million).

Here are some facts about Bush:

1.     Under Bush there are now 43 million Americans with no health insurance
2.     Responsible for an unemployment rate of 6%. There are now 9 million people out of work in America - 3.3 million more than when Bush took office
3.     He cut health care benefits for veterans
4.     Despite a 13% unemployment rate among those aged 16-24, Bush proposed to eliminate Youth Opportunity Grants – A program that provides job training to the nation’s youth. A $225 million program in 2002 is now being done away with so Bush can have more money for Iraq
5.     He cut funding for 375000 low income college students and reduced Pell Grant amounts to such a severe degree that it effectively caused 84000 students to no longer be legible for Pell Grants. Pell amounts have been overall...

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