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President John F. Kennedy's Assassination .

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J.F.K.'s (John F. Kennedy's) was assassinated on November 22, 1963 riding through the Dealey Plaza in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, and his assassination is one biggest confusions. People today still give their thoughts and ideas on what they think happened. Even I get confused when I discuss the matter with my peers. So I am going to research all the nooks and crannies to try to understand some of it not only because I have to, but also because I want to know and I want the people that read this to get an idea. Well, there are three major things I am going to be focusing on, and those are; why they would want to kill him, Was Oswald the only sniper, and if there was another sniper who could it have been. Why would someone want to kill J.F.K. nobody really knows, but everybody has opinions and I am going to fill you in on a couple. One reason could be because in 1963, John F. Kennedy was preparing to amend the National Labor Relations Board statutes and various Internal Revenue Service statues that would prevent foreign flag shipping from being exempt from American income taxes. These amendments would have seriously affected Liberian shipping magnates and the assets of men such as Aristotle Onassis.Billions of dollars were at stake. Another could be because the Kennedy family was and some still are members of "the elite" (players in international high finance circles) since the early days of Joseph Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was elected to office through monetary power and with the help of the Mafia. Without the total support of other members of "the elite" he would not have become President. Now as I said these are only a few of the many reasons there are for why someone would want to kill him. There has always been the thought of it not only being one sniper especially by people that investigated the crime. People who have investigated the crime scene have a single bullet theory, which couldn't be true, and I am about to tell u why. They say that a single sniper could not have shot two bullets, the one that hit Kennedy and the one that hit Connally as quickly as it was seen, with the rifle that they recovered and found to be the one used. It was also said that a few seconds after John Kennedy is seen in the Zapruder film moving his arms toward his throat in response to being hit, Connally is seen holding his...

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