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President John Tyler This Essay Is A Brief Overview Of President John Tylers Life

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On April 5th, 1841 Vice President John Tyler sat up in his bed to be awakened by a knocking at the door. It was five in the morning. Tyler got up to see who it was. Here were two men standing at the door, they had been traveling for twenty-four hours to bring Tyler a message. The message said that president William Harrison died. He was president for one month in office, now John Tyler had become the tenth president of the United States.John Tyler was born on March 29th, 1790. His family owned a 1200-acre plantation on the banks of the James River in Charles City County, Virginia. The Nation declared Independence from Great Britain fourteen years earlier. That was when George Washington had served as first president. John Tyler was sixth in line of eight children born to Judge John Tyler and Mary Armistead Tyler. His father served as governor of Virginia for three terms as speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates and as a state and federal judge. Judge Tyler was a good friend and roommate of Thomas Jefferson while they were students at the College of William and Mary.We don't know much about Tyler's' Childhood.Young Tyler was only seven when his mother Mary died. Somehow judge Tyler seemed to have raised three sons and five daughters with love and guidance. One story says that Judge Tyler would sometimes gather his children and the children of his slaves and have them sit under a willow tree. Then he would entertain them by playing the violin and telling stories. Judge Tyler was the guardian of twenty-one other children. Many of the children may have lived at Greenway.The main house or plantation had many buildings. They included a dairy house, an ice- house, a smoke house; this is where meat was smoked to preserve it, two granaries and a laundry house. There were twenty horse stalls and an eight-sided pigeon house. There were more than forty slaves who had homes on the greenway. They lived in cabins on the estate. Friends of the Tyler family reported that John was a lot like his mother in character. He was polite, gentle and well mannered. John also loved to play the violin and writing poetry. He was raised to be a southern gentleman. Young John also had a headstrong stubborn streak. A story says that when Tyler was eleven he lead his classmates in a revolt against a schoolteacher, William McMurdo.Tyler was a dedicated and intelligent student. He entered the secondary school of the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg at age twelve. A few years later he progresses to college level courses. Tyler stayed with his sister Anne and her husband. He traveled back to Greenway on school vacations.When Tyler was seventeen he graduated from college. He went back to Charles city County to study law, in 1809 Judge Tyler was elected as Governor of Virginia. Young John moved with his father to Richmond. When John was 19 he received his licensesto practice law.Tall, at six feet, and quite thin, with blue eyes and brown wavy hair, Tyler was an...

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