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President Kennedy's Unsolved Murder Essay

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Ask anyone old enough to have been alive in November of 1963 where they were when President Kennedy was shot, and they'll most likely be able to recall. There is no doubt the events that took place that day in Dallas shook the Nation. Americans wanted answers, but they lost many when two days after their president died his suspected assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, died too, fatally shot by Jack Ruby. Now, almost 40 years later the truth is still buried under piles of controversial evidence and outrageous theories, but one logical conclusion can be drawn: the assassination was most definitely the result of a conspiracy.One week after President Kennedy was assassinated, his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, issued an executive order calling for an investigation into the deaths of both Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald. The committee of investigators became known as the Warren Commission, named after the presiding Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren. After six months of hearings the commission released the Warren Report. It included witness testimony, physical evidence, and documentation of official reenactments. In the 1970s the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), another government funded investigation, put the question back in everyone's mind: Who really shot JFK?It was a bright sunny day in downtown Dallas, Texas. President Kennedy, accompanied by his wife Jackie and Texas Governor John Connally, was riding in the rear of the presidential limo on his way to speak at the Dallas Trade Mart. As the motorcade made its turn onto Elm Street, it passed the soon-to-be infamous Texas SchoolBook Depository where Oswald was perched and poised to kill. The motorcade had been slowly exiting Dealey Plaza with the depository directly behind it when the shots rang out, approximately 12:30 PM. When it was all over Governor Connally had been hit and President Kennedy was barely clinging to life. There was mass confusion as the two wounded politicians were rushed to the nearby Parkland Hospital Emergency Room. Within 30 minutes the Nation's youngest president at 46 was pronounced dead, and within 24 hours police had their suspect (Groden).Lee Harvey Oswald. The man responsible for killing the 35th president of the United States. He was a former US Marine when he defected to the USSR in his mid-twenties. Retaining his US citizenship while in the Soviet Union he returned to America with his Russian wife and began actively supporting communism. In fact, he headed an organization he created, The Fair Play for Cuba Committee, that sympathized with Fidel Castro and supported communist Cuba during a time of much worldwide political anxiety ("Kennedy Assassination...").There was a substantial amount of evidence against Oswald, but unfortunately his own testimony was never to be heard. He owned the same type of rifle found on the sixth floor of the depository, an Italian Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5mm with a slightly damaged scope attached. After leaving the depository, Oswald...

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