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President Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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After World War I was over, Europe and America were left in shatters. Though the destruction was not to the same extent in both continents, the repercussions were strongly felt. The effects of the World War I led to a thriving American economy. However, after a decade of prosperity, many Americans, who had never been out of commissionemployment, were astounded when factories, stores, and mines closed down. These individuals were now living in poverty and enduring horrible conditions in America during the Great Depression era. Although the conditions in America during the Great Depression were appalling, President Roosevelt handled these problems effectively.Following the end of World War I, America's economy was prosperous because they were supplying goods to Europe and were able to loan money to other nations. The concept of letting other countries borrow money from the United States was a rash decision because if theythe US's failure would mean that failed, the world economy would also be devastated as well. Charles P. Kindleberger, an economist, stated,The world economic system was unstable unless someone country stabilized it, as Britain had done in the nineteenth century and up to 1913. In 1929, the English couldn't and the United States wouldn't. When every country turned to protect its national private interest, the world public interest went down the drain, and with it the private interest of all. (An Explanation of the 1929 Depression)In addition to the loans the United States lent, the stock market began to develop into an integral part in the world's economy. Although, many individuals believed in the United States economy and bought stocks because they believed in the United States economy, it was after 1929 that this began to change. There was more money being spent on speculating speculation rather than actual investment in partial ownership of companies (Farrell 19). Therefore, these stocks became "inflated" and were no longer based on the face value or assets. However, instead the stock market became established on the principle of supply and demand. This led to shareholders to purchase stocks on margin, influencing government officials to propose to the Federal Reserve board for anto increase in interest rates in order for investment loans to become less lucrative (Farrell 20). By ignoring this proposal, this became one of the predictors for the crash of the stock market in October 29, 1929.The conditions in America were very ghastly. In this period, employment was a major issue. By 1932, almost twelve million of America's workforce was unemployed. For many Americans, their life savings was became depleted because they had been out of commission for a long time. Eventually, they had lost their homes because they were unable to pay their mortgage or rent to their creditor. Those who lost their homes moved into communities of cardboard shacks named Hoovervilles. A third of a million children were unable to receive education because...

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