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President Roosevelt's Transformation Of America Essay

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There are many people who impact the world and the country they are in, for the good and for the bad. Many famous people at that. Over the past 150 years many things have been changed and many things have been discovered. Wars between countries have happened, and one of the most important wars was World War 2. Many countries fought in it and many of things happened in the years of this war. President Roosevelt was in office at the time and many new acts were put into effect. This was a very crucial time for America because of the great depression going on. President Roosevelt handled the depression and war as best has he could and transformed America in many ways.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also known as FDR, was born on January 30th, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York and died April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia. Roosevelt attended Groton School in Massachusetts which was an Episcopal School. Once he finished grade school he went to Harvard. While he was at Harvard his cousin Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States and he became Franklin Roosevelt’s role model. Franklin graduated in 1903 from Harvard and went to Columbia Law School. In 1905 he married Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1908 Roosevelt took a job with a large law firm that dealt with corporate law.
In 1910 Roosevelt ran for Senate in New York and won the election with a landslide. Once in office starting January 1, 1911, he served for a year and was reelected for a second term. With Roosevelt’s acquaintance and support of Woodrow Wilson, he was appointed to become the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Roosevelt never served in the navy, but always loved the navy and had a lot of knowledge about it. With Roosevelt being the Assistant Secretary of the navy gave him more knowledge for the future when he decided to run for president. In 1917 when Germany decided to use submarine warfare, Roosevelt wanted to send the U.S. navy out to war and Woodrow Wilson denied his request to do so. After the war ended in 1918, Roosevelt ran for Vice President in 1920 with James Cox who was running for President. They lost the campaign and Roosevelt returned to New York to practice law again. In 1921 when Roosevelt and his family were on vacation, he was diagnosed with polio and was paralyzed from the waist down. Roosevelt worked with Alfred Smith and helped him win the election for governor of New York in 1922. In 1928 smith wanted Roosevelt to run for governor because Smith was running for president. Smith lost the campaign for president but Roosevelt won the election for governor. Roosevelt was governor from 1929- 1932.
In 1932 Roosevelt decided to run for president, which also during this time was the great depression. During his inauguration, the U.S. was going through a bank panic because of banks closing. For Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office, he met with congress every day to pass new laws. Roosevelt is also known for his “New Deal”. The new deal mainly consisted of foreign policies....

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