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President's Letter For The Great Depression Us History Essay

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Velasco, Jose Luis Lorenzo R.
February 5, 2018
Dear President Roosevelt,
My name is Daquan Ominu, an African-American living in the city of Chicago. I have 2 kids, Jayjay and Rayray. My kids are the only ones I have got since my wife left me for an old, worthy, businessman. I have suffered from discrimination and had been struggling to find a job. I played the jazz for my entertainment and usually go to speakiesies after I fail finding a job once again, to drink booze just to forget all of my problems.
My life changed and been a much more downhill when bank failures started to happen. My only savings in the bank were took by panicking citizens when they learned that the stock market is crashing. $200 in my account, vanished. Wealth inequality also made my life miserable since my only job that an actual company hired me, only pays me $5 a month. My job there is to wipe windows and broom any dusts. Pretty much I was poor as a church mouse when the Great Depression hit. I suffered from unemployment and discrimination. Black unemployment were evident due to White-Americans demanding jobs to take our positions. I had no plans in making my 2 kids eat and make our family survive when our economy crashed. I sold all of our stuff to some wealthy people, and even our house. We tried living in...

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