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President Theodore Roosevelt Essay

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President Theodore Roosevelt was the outmost incredible president of our nation. He cared about every aspect of our country. He was remarkable, brilliant, and strong. He brought something different to the table of the presidential legacy. His personality, however was like no other, he was an impossible act to follow. He also was impetuous and did not hesitate to work around the regulations to get what he wanted.
With the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt stepped up to become the youngest president in our nation’s history at the mere age of forty three. He brought new excitement and power to the Presidency. The revolution of his life brought many events and new ideas to the world. Roosevelt was a republican, and an excellent leader. His outlook on a better, improved United States caught the attention of the whole country. Roosevelt was not only a good leader as a president but also within every leadership position he held. Prior to his presidency, Roosevelt served as a New York legislature, commissioner of police for New York, assistant secretary of the Navy at the beginning of the Spanish-American War, second in command of the Rough Riders in Cuba, and the governor of New York. He was a man of many accomplishments but clearly also knew how to be an outstanding leader. While he was a commissioner of police he restored the department, made promotions based on merit, and worked his fellow policemen to serve the people as they should. Roosevelt established group called the Rough Riders as a volunteer force to free Cuba from the Spanish after the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. During the Spanish-American war Roosevelt served as the lieutenant colonel of the Rough Rider Regiment. He and his group of men led the charge onto San Juan Hill. He was one of the most evident heroes of the war.
Other than being a great leader, Roosevelt responded well to economic demands. In fact, he was the leader of the progressive movement. He continuously wanted there to be a happy balance between capital and labor so he founded his policy called the Square Deal. He was a liberal and became an advocate for prosecuting monopolies that violated antitrust law, otherwise known as “trust busting”. He kept these monopolies from controlling entire industries across the country. He worked hard to guide the United States into world politics. Roosevelt also aimed for Promotion of Anti-Trust suits. He was also a conversationalist. Some of his policies for conservation were creating the National Conservation Commission to record the nation’s resources and manage their use more efficiently, Delegate two hundred million acres as national forests, mineral reserves, and waterpower plants, as well as an addition of five national parks and eighteen national monuments to the list of protected lands. Roosevelt worked very hard to try and keep the economic issues of his time intact.
In the 1900’s during the time of Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency,...

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