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Presidential Control Over The Bureaucracy Essay

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For the common American citizen a major concern, as suggested by a recent Gallup poll, centers around the idea that the President, as Chief Executive of the nation, has too much power and influence in the shaping of the United States (Americans' Belief). In particular, there exist a strong belief that the bureaucracy is directly managed by presidential preference (Roff). In contrast, it is a rarely suggested opinion that the President does not have enough power, control, or influence over the bureaucracy. With these two opinions in mind, to what extent does the President have control of the bureaucracy?
As suggested by the textbook American Democracy Now, the majority of control that the ...view middle of the document...

As noted above, one of the key ways the President can exert control and influence over the bureaucracy is through the use of directives to agencies telling them exactly what they need to accomplish. These directives are usually carried out in the form of executive orders. As discussed in American Democracy Now, executive orders are legally binding orders (directives) given by the President, acting as the Chief Executive Officer, to Federal Administrative Agencies (the Bureaucracy)(Harrison 399). The use of executive orders do not require Congressional approval, but they do carry the same legal weight. By using the “take care clause” of the Constitution, through executive orders, Presidents are able to give guidance and direction to the bureaucracy.
Next, there is often a misconception about the President's true ability to reorganize federal departments within the bureaucracy. The fact is that most departmental and federal agency reorganization does require congressional approval. The limited amount of influence or control the President has to reorganize is best explained by Assistant Professor Richard S. Conley in his essay, The War on Homeland Security: Presidential and Congressional Challenges, “[The] President's options for independent reorganization [Bureaucracy] are therefore limited to staff in the White House and Executive Office of the President (EOP) directly under his control and funded as part of White House operations” (Conley 2).
Now, we move on to the final two areas in which the President can or does exert his...

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