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Presidential Styles: Pro's & Con's Of Personable Presidents And How It Affects Their Leadership Of America

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Just as every person has his or her own style about them, each president has had a different way of managing the executive office. Each president has certain values and beliefs which are reflected in the style that is chosen to manage the institution of the presidency. Presidential management focuses in on the decision making process and the process used to achieve an appropriate permanent solution. The process of decision making has become much more difficult over the years due to the expansion of the role of the president in areas such as foreign policy along with the responsibility of being the figurehead for the United States. According to Mr. Richard T. Johnson, there are three different management styles that American presidents have adopted "in order to deal with the institutionalization of the political executive" (Ross, 162). The three styles include: formalistic, competitive, and collegiate.The formalistic approach involves a complex hierarchy structure that can be slow and tedious when it comes down to actually making something happen. This style emphasizes order and established communication lines. For example, Richard Nixon relied heavily on the formalistic management style and it led to his ultimate isolation toward the end of his presidency (Ross, 162). I believe that this style is the one that most people remember when thinking of the confusing and complex American government. Also, I believe that president's and their cabinets using this type of management style, especially, can get caught up in the process of making a decision and not actually do anything at all. Mr. Johnson stated in his 1974 publication, Managing the White House, that there are three major advantages to the formalistic approach to presidential management. First, it provides an orderly decision process and a thorough analysis of the situation, it conserves the president's time and attention for the ultimate decision, and it emphasizes the positive aspects of being focused on the final goal.The competitive approach to managing the presidency was made famous by Franklin D. Roosevelt . This style provided Roosevelt with the most flexibility in the decision making process. Even though times are much different now than they were during Roosevelt's time, they...

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