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Presidents Of The United States Of America

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WILLIAM MCKINLEYWilliam McKinley, Republican and 25th President of the U.S. was the son of an Ohio ironmaker.He enlisted in the Civil War at age 18.He quickly rose to captain and by 1865 was made brevet major.McKinley went on to study law, serve in the House of Representatives from 1877-83 and become governor of Ohio.In 1896 he won the presidential election from William Jennings Bryan over a gold standard issue.Though he was conservative in business matters, he was respected for his conciliatory nature.McKinley hesitated to intervene, but when Spain made too few concessions regarding Cuba, he declared a state of war in 1898.While welcoming citizens at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, ...view middle of the document...

He became head of the U.S. Philippines Commission in 1900 and was the first civil governor of the Philippines.Republican Taft was groomed for President by Roosevelt himself and elected America's 27th President over William Jennings Bryan in 1908.His administration dissolved tobacco trusts and his tariff and conservation policies angered progressives.Though he was renominated in 1912, he was strongly opposed by Roosevelt, who felt that Taft had abandoned Roosevelt's policies.The Republican party split between the two and Democrat Woodrow Wilson was subsequently elected instead.WOODROW WILSONWoodrow Wilson, Democrat and 28th President, won the 1912 election because the Republican party vote was split between Taft and Roosevelt.Wilson, a professor of law and political economy, fought for American rights on the high seas, and he protected American interests in revolutionary Mexico.Though he was reelected in 1916 on the slogan "He kept us out of the war", Wilson's attempts to mediate in World War I failed.On April 6, 1917, after 4 American ships were sunk, he declared war on Germany.Wilson proposed a peace plan on January 1918, which was not accepted by the Germans until November 1918.He traveled to Paris to negotiate the peace treaty, to encompassed the idea of a League of Nations.Though the treaty was rejected by the Senate, Woodrow Wilson was awarded the 1919 Nobel Peace Price.That same year, Wilson suffered a stroke and became an invalid.He managed to cling to power until the end of his term in 1920.CALVIN COOLIDGECalvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States.The son of a Vermont storekeeper, he entered Republican state politics by first serving as the mayor of Northampton, Mass.He quickly moved on to become state senator, lieutenant governor and eventually governor of Massachusetts.Coolidge attained national acclaim when he called in the state guard during the 1919 Boston police strike.He ran as Warren Harding's vice president in 1920 and took office upon Harding's death in 1923.He was reelected by a huge majority in 1924.He managed to reduce the national debt by 2 billion dollars in 3 years, but when eager Republicans wanted to renominate him in 1928, he chose not to run again.FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELTFranklin D. Roosevelt, the son of James Roosevelt and Sara Delano joined the N.Y. Senate in 1910 after graduating from Columbia Law School.A Democrat, he ran for vice president in 1920 with James Cox and when they were defeated, went to work as a lawyer for a financial institution.In 1921 FDR became paralyzed by polio, and though he learned to walk with leg braces, he was mostly wheelchair-bound.But he refused to be defeated.In 1928 he was elected governor of New York and in 1932 was elected 32nd President of the U.S. FDR was the first President to run more than 2 terms and was reelected to a 3rd term (1940) and even a 4th term in 1944 despite poor health.He was also the first President to use radio and became famous for his "fireside...

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