Presidents Speech On Women Empowerment Government Essay

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Good morning to all the Excellencies,my friends,my family, and citizens of the United States as we all gathered here to celebrate this event, I would like to speech on the topic of women empowerment. Empowering women is very necessary to bring gender equality or we can say that gender equality is very necessary to empower women. Our country is still a developing country and economic status of our country is very bad because it is a male dominated country. Men are walking alone and they forced women to do only household works. They do not know that women are the half power of this country and combining to male can form full power of the country. The day when full power of the country would start working, no other country would be more powerful than the United States. Men are not as powerful as women are.It is very necessary for all men to understand the power of women and let them go ahead to make themselves independent and power of the family and country. Gender equality is the first step to bring women empowerment in the United States . Men should not understand that women are made only to handle household chores or take responsibility of home and family. Instead, both (men and women) are responsible for everything of daily routine. Men too need to understand their responsibility of home and family and all other works women do so that women can get some time to think about themselves and their career. There are so many laws for empowering women however none are effective and followed by people. There should be some effective and tight laws which can be followed by everyone. It is not...

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