Pressing Social Problems Essay

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In this essay i’ll be explaining what i believe to be the top three social problems in america at the present time to be, while also explain why these issues are important social issuses and what to expect the formalization to become.
The most important social issue i believe that is hurting america’s growth in present day is racism. America has came a long way since slavery but racism is still in existence and example of this is the Trayvon Martin case. “Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, was walking home when George Zimmerman, a Caucasian adult, pursued him. There was a struggle and Zimmerman shot Martin dead” (Burnett, 2013, Huffington Post). This case was very intense and the aftermath of it was felt by just all america because half of america though zimmerman should be let free while the other half though there should be some type of sentencing. The case made headlines nation wide and raise the awareness of people from all race and ages that racism is still a barier in america.
Another major social problem is crime all type of crimes blue and white collar or fraud crime is a problem that is destroying america. First crime not only destroys the victims life but also the person admitting the crimes are also throwing there life down the drain off a bad decision. Another problem that crime creates for america is once this crimes are admitted if the criminal is caught most likely they’ll be sentence and go to prison. A criminal will be off the streets but the innoncent hardworking americans will feel the backlash by paying higher taxes to keep all the people in prison behind bars and the jail running. The most important aspect on why crime is a major social promble is the affect it has on people. People don’t like when they feel there safety are in harms way so this effects business, communities, and peoples well to of going to high crime areas.
Lastly a social problem that effects america is inequality and the different forms inequailty plays in society. Tne most common form of inequality occurs in the work place research tells us around america a higher percentage of woman graduate from college but those...

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