Pressure For Females Teenagers To Be Thin

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Why do young women feel pressure to stay thin?
The purpose of this paper is to prove that peer pressure plays in important part in how girls perceive their self-esteem and body imagine. We go into ways to improve a teenager’s body image with the use of maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine. It goes into keeping opening communication and the drastic things teenagers will do to get the “look”. Surgery and eating disorders are briefly gone over. We go into what types of pressure a teenager will face for example parental teasing, parents encouragement lose weight, and what parents consider the norm. Peer pressure deals with appearance and wanting to fit in. Only 5 ...view middle of the document...

Kindly sign and return a copy of this letter to indicate your acceptance to its terms.
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It would also ensure them that all information gained would be anomalous and keep confidently. I would pass out the letter on Monday and ask for their return on Friday with both a parent signature and their own. On the following Monday I would pass out the survey. The survey will be very simple.
I would design the study using a correlation design.
A correlation design consists of two or more variables rather than manipulating one or more independent variables and subsequently measuring the dependent variable.
For example, if your independent variables were the mother, sister’s, friends, other girls, media and to impress the boys. You would be measuring the dependent variable, which would be body image.

The survey would look like this:
1. Whom do you get your ideal body image from?
a. Mother Yes or No
b. Sister or sisters Yes or No
c. Friends Yes or No
d. Other girls in class Yes or No
e. Media Yes or No
f. Want to impress boys. Yes or No
It is important to consider the limitations of this study when interpreting the findings. Sample size, generalized , our model had a good fit to the data, there are other models that could be constructed, yet our interpretations must be tempered by the recognition that body dissatisfaction is multiply determined (Thompson et al., 1999).

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This article discusses survey result about teen body image and gives different percentages.
Eric Thiegs – CEO of (January 31, 2013) Teen Body Image Survey Results Released by

The article covers how media affect the teenager’s body.
Witmer, Denise ,2014 How does the media effect body image in teens?

The article goes into the alarming...

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