Pressure’s Force Essay

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No matter where people are and what information they hear, their brains are always working to identify right and wrong. Decisions making are based on morality and ethics, especially under pressure; therefore, no one can be trapped in unjust rules or environments. In Hernando Tellez’s “ Lather And Nothing Else” and Kurt Vonnegut’s “ Harrison Bergeron”, the societies fail to set-up peaceful environments for the protagonists and they have to fight for their morals because the protagonists feels pressure to be in these settings of societies.
Tellez and Vonnegut both include violence environments as setting to create pressure for the protagonists. In Tellez’s story, the society is cruel because “playing target practice with naked bodies of the rebels” seems normal to people. Prisoners in this story absolutely have no value and they are treated as toys. This also indicates that killing is very easy for the people in the story. In Vonnegut’s story, anyone who tries to stand out, or who cannot be controlled, has to be in the jail otherwise they are executed,” She fired twice, and the Emperor and the Empress were dead before they hit the floor.” (Vonnegut). Once Harrison tries to break the setting that the Handicapper General has set up for him, Diana Moon Glampers shoots him down from utopia to dystopia. In this case, it shows that killing is also easy in this story because people are not allowed to say a word and they get executed once they break a rule. However, in “ Lather and Nothing Else” the society mostly against revolutionaries, while in “Harrison Bergeron” the society is against everyone. In Tellez’s story, people look for all revolutionaries and execute them, especially Torres, the executer, “he went out to hunt down revolutionaries” (Tellez). Therefore, the barber, a revolutionary, is so nervous when Torres comes into the barbershop. On the other hand, everyone is under the Handicapper General control in the story “Harrison Bergeron”. The Handicapper General forbids anyone to stand out, which is why almost everyone has to carry bags of birdshot. Tellez’s and Vonnegut’s stories show how the violent societies make everyone stressful and tense. They also show that human beings have feelings and thoughts. Therefore, when society gives people too much pressure or takes away their rights, the morals that in their hearts will start warning them to self-defense and lead people to escape. That is why no one can be trapped.
The moral integrity of a person is used to make better decisions for lives, especially...

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