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As an ICU nurse I constantly watch how patients develop pressure ulcers, a pressure ulcer is an area of skin that breaks down due to having constant friction and pressure, also from having limited movement and being in the same position over a prolonged period of time. Pressure Ulcers commonly occur in the buttocks, elbows, knees, back, shoulders, hips, heels, back of head, ankles and any other area with bony prominences. According to Cox, J. (2011) “Pressure ulcers are one of the most underrated conditions in critically ill patients. Despite the introduction of clinical practice guidelines and advances in medical technology, the prevalence of pressure ulcers in hospitalized patients ...view middle of the document...

)? The last question is what are the conditions that pre-dispose patients to higher risks of developing pressure ulcers in comparison with other non critically ill patients? These questions all relate some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when assessing the risk factors in the development of pressure ulcers. Environment, equipment, presence of infections, limited mobility, and certain medical conditions are key predisposing factors that in the ICU setting are all present, thus put the critically ill patient at risk.
Preliminary PICO Question and Description of Each PICO Variable
The PICO question that I have formulated is: Are position changes every 1-2 hours in comparison to the use of special mattresses, heel protectors, cushions, overlays, and skin creams, are more effective in the prevention of pressure ulcers in critically ill patients in the ICU setting. Population: Critically Ill Patients in ICU predisposed to getting pressure ulcers. Interventions: Position Changes every 1-2 hours
Comparison: The use of special mattresses, heel protectors and cushions, overlays and skin creams
Outcomes: Prevent development of pressure ulcers. Patients admitted to ICU are mainly on strict bed rest, confining them to a bed. This is a recurring issue that I, as an ICU nurse have observed many times and have witnessed multiple attempts to aid and better the nursing strategies in the prevention of pressure ulcers in these patients.
Ten Keywords for Conducting a Literature Search for the PICO Question and Rational
For conducting a literature search for the PICO question the ten keywords that I will be using are: Pressure Ulcer, Position Changes, Infection, Special Hospital Mattresses, Skin Creams, Limited mobility, ICU conditions, nursing skin assessment, skin environment,Pressure Ulcer stages. These keywords all relate to the ICU setting and the predisposition to developing and a pressure ulcer. It is important to have a clear definition of what a pressure ulcer is and what the different stages are. Also, knowing how infection can decrease the body’s function in the...

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