The Life And Experiments Of Josef Mengele

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Hungry, beaten, naked, abused, and dehumanized: these are just a few words to describe the prisoners in death camps all around Germany during World War II. Another word that describes these people is, experiments. Prisoners were human test tubes, available in seemingly unlimited amounts. With no rights and no chance of liberation, these people were treated like lab rats. During World War II, there were multiple evil and horrible events; one of the most wicked happenings was Josef Mengele’s medical experiments in the Nazi death camps.
Even though Mengele will go down in history as the Angel of Death, before his adulthood Mengele’s life was completely different. His father, Karl Mengele, was an extremely successful businessman. He owned the family factory and worked there so much that Mengele had few memories of his father. With his father nowhere to be seen, Mengele’s mother had to do everything. His mother, Walburga, was a crazy, murderous women, who literally drove Mengele crazy. There is evidence that some of the acts Mengele did were caused by how his mother treated him. Mengele once wrote about how cold-hearted his parents were, and how he felt like he needed the power of authority. Mengele was the eldest of three sons. At school, Mengele had the nickname of “Beppo”. This word is an affectionate name for a proactive young child. He was a well-behaved student, and received compliments from otherwise strict and mean teachers. In his village, he was always the best dressed, well-mannered, and all of the ladies wanted him.
At this time Mengele’s life was normal. He went on to college and avoided his parents. Going against his father’s wishes, Mengele decided not to go into business but in to the medical field. Mengele studied genetics and planned on being a professor. After receiving his PhD in physical anthropology, his life long plan was interrupted by being drafted into the army. Mengele was placed in the Infantry, and fought on the front lines. Not long after saving multiple lives, Mengele was wounded and could no longer fight for Germany. He would go to work for the Germans as a doctor at their concentration camps. After working at two camps before, he made himself known for his excelled intelligence and was moved to Auschwitz, where he was made head doctor.
During the war, Mengele made himself important for his heroic actions on the battlefront. Mengele was promoted up to the rank of Lieutenant when he saved two people, by pulling them out of a burning tank. For this act of of bravery, he was awarded the iron cross first class. On Mengele’s second “tour”, he received injuries that be could no longer be in the battle field. Since Mengele already had a PhD in physical anthropology, Mengele volunteered himself to go into the Nazi medical field.
As Mengele started to be known for his advanced medical knowledge, he was quickly moved to the concentration camps. He started to specialize in genetics and examined over 3000 twins, out of which 200...

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