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Pretty Fly For A Wi Fi Essay

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Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. Change is necessary to engage students; this generation of students has the advantages of instant knowledge that previous generations did not have. Academic facilities, specifically nursing, are slowly adjusting to technological advances in education and are hesitant in accepting online courses as a creditable source of teaching. The purpose of this study is to compare traditional, face-to-face nursing education to education delivered through online classes.
As modern as online education is, does it offer any benefits, academically or otherwise, to participating students? Many institutions have conducted studies to answer this very question. The results appear to suggest that in terms of academics, online education neither increases nor decreases student performance significantly. However, it has been observed that the online medium is largely beneficial to students who could not otherwise access nursing knowledge easily, and to those whose physical time spent in classes translates to less time spent working and, as a result, less income with which to live. Ultimately, while online education is not detrimental to the pursuit of higher learning with respect to the nursing profession, it can often be beneficial.
The nursing profession largely deals with the care of the sick and diseased; those of the profession are often exposed to life-or-death situations. Educational facilities teach their students to react swiftly and appropriately to these situations in order to preserve the lives of fellow members of society; whereas in other professions, a poorly-trained employee could mean the loss of revenue or customers, in this field, an inefficiently-educated nurse could prove to be much more fatal. Therefore, it is crucial that the mediums of education utilized by this field’s instructors are as effective and efficient as possible.
In the nursing profession, online education compared to traditional forms of learning affects the quality of nurses produced in this and potentially future generations. This is not to imply that online education always allows for a greater and more-effective means of educating future generations of nurses. Nonetheless, the mark of a wonderful nurse is not necessarily limited to academic success (although this success is very important).
In a perfect world, people would be accommodated to pursue any dream which promotes the security of society and which does not negatively affect any of its members. The reality is that many students, on top of studying diligently in order to eventually be qualified to help the world through the nursing profession, must work in order to support themselves financially. This is not inherently a negative thing; however, many students, as evidenced by studies, which will later be elaborated upon, often find themselves overwhelmed by their daily struggles to balance schoolwork, physical attendance and their means of income. It cannot be...

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