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Pretty Little Liars Essay

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“Pretty Little Liars”, aired on ABC Family, is a recent television series that I have followed continuously over the past 2 years. This edge of your seat mystery follows the lives of four young ladies searching to find the murderer of their recently deceased best friend, all the while being the prime suspects themselves, and facing threats from an anonymous figure. A myth, in my point of view, is a tale which is created by the adventures that shape a hero. In this series, all four ladies are heros through their journey.

From the beginning of the series, the four girls are introduced separately, but as the show continues their stories connect and we see their only means of connection ...view middle of the document...

As a series of catastrophes strike, the girls stick together and fight through the worst. Although they have their rare altercations amongst themselves, it is shown they recognize the need of each other to overcome their battles successfully. In the film “Hercules” (Disney, 1997), Hercules and Phil have an incomparable friendship. When Phil learns of Meg’s obedience to Hades, he is compelled to share the sad news with his best buddy. Although he knew exposing Hercules to what Meg’s original intentions were, he was obligated to share her secrets in order to keep Hercules safe. When Phil’s plan backfired, Hercules lost his power to Hades who threatened to hurt his only weakness, Meg. Being weak and powerless, Hercules was unable to defend his people and is saved once Phil arrives and tells him everything will be fine. “I’m willing to go the distance, how about you?”, he said, and Hercules knew that with Phil by his side, he was able to regain what he had lost. Similarly, the ladies in “Pretty Little Liars” turn on each other on occasion due to exposure of situations that are hard to hear- and hard to explain. Many-a-time the audience views the friendship of the girls as impossible to regain, due to the anger felt towards one another. But quite religiously, in the end, when it comes down to them against the ‘bad guys’, the girls are aware that without each other, none of them would make it out. The loyalty of them all to each other is solid through the battles and the fights, keeping their friendship maybe just as incomparable as Hercules and Phil. Together, they keep fighting on.

Indescribable events that occur to the girls throughout the episodes create their image of perseverance. Constantly being threatened to death, their skin has grown tougher than iron. Similarly so, “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes (1968), is a tale of an iron giant who is, at first, rejected by his fellow earthlings. When first arriving, the iron giant was set...

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