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Prevalence Of Caries And Dental Fluorosis In School Going Children Living In Dammam

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To assess the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis and caries among the school-children living in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Study Design:
Study was conducted in both Public and Private schools located in Dammam, KSA. The prevalence among the Students was scan using WHO designed criteria. Students was examined for dental fluorosis and caries prevalence in their primary and permanent teeth. Students having age between 6 to 7 years old was examined for primary teeth and 11-12 years old was examined for secondary teeth. The outcome variables were DMFT and level of fluorosis in the primary and secondary teeth.
Sample size calculated using stratified random sampling. Total 650 students was ...view middle of the document...

(11).Fluoride plays an important role in preventive dentistry due to its cariostatic potential. However, excessive intake of fluoride leads to dental and skeletal fluorosis2. The suggested safety dosage of fluoride in water is 1 ppm3. The fluorosis is theirteenth most rich element available in the earth’s skin4.
The Joint FDI/WHO working group for Oral Health Research and Epidemiology concluded that the part universal to all countries with significant decline in caries commonness was fluorosis, either because of fluoridated water or in toothpaste5. The apparent increase in the prevalence of dental fluorosis observed from 1980 to 1985 was not continued in 1985 to 19906.
In KSA, water for drinking is obtained from many sources including desalinated sea water and the ground water as well. Bottled/Mineral water usage has been getting popularity now days (12). Lately some studies revealed the alarm situation of high caries prevalence in Saudi school children (10). Suitable fluoride concentration for drinking water in SaudiArabia might be about 0.6 ppm(13).
However there is very limited information on the geographical division of fluoride levels in drinking water in different regions of kingdom and no such studies performed in schools eastern province. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of dental caries and prevalence of different level of dental fluorosis among the children of Schools in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Children were screened for dental caries, fluorosis level, brushing habbit, and so n so by the dentist. Here only dental fluorosis results are presented.
The purpose of conducting this investigation was to assess the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis among the school children in the Dammam Saudi Arabia.

Material and Methods:
An ethical Approval and permission letter (for schools) was obtained from the college’s administration in order to start the study. Schools were selected randomly. Total of 650 students having 6-7 and 11-12 years old were selected using stratified random sampling. The survey was conducted in one or more Government and private schools (both for Girls and Boys) depending on the sample size placed in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Out...

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