Preventable Victims The Effects Of Cyber Bullying English Argumentative Essay

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Hailey Taylor Taylor
Professor English
English 1101
19 October 2017
Preventable Victims
Bullying has always been an issue in learning institutions, the workplace, and other areas. Over time bullying methods have advanced and teenagers are being bullied over the internet and through mobile devices. Today teenagers are exposed to numerous possibilities of being bullied online and through text messages because of its easy availability and with no adult or parental supervision. “In 2015, 92% of the American adolescents aged thirteen to seventeen indicated going online at least once a day. Furthermore, 88% and 87% mentioned having daily access to a mobile phone or to a desktop, laptop or home computer.” (Do). With these numbers rising continuously through the years, parents are increasingly worried about their children being bullied through social media because it is not always easily detected. One way to help prevent this risk is to establish stricter regulations toward cyber bullying. Enforcing such laws could potentially lower the possibilities of the effects brought on by cyber maltreatment, including the risk of self-harm and suicide among adolescences.
With the lack of regulations, principles, and standards of the internet, social media and text messaging have become a perfect breeding ground for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is purposely used to psychologically harm, degrade, or even threaten others with physical violence. It is easier to spew words of hate if one does not have to engage in face-to-face confrontations with the weaker party. They can instead hide behind a computer screen and use words thrown by keyboards as their weapons. There are several methods perpetrators use to bully on the internet. The main tactics include trolling, or a continued negative commentary following an individual’s social activity, which can range anywhere from threats, vulgar language, insulting comments or intimidation. Exclusion is another device aimed toward destroying the victim’s need to feel accepted and part of a social ensemble. Catfishing, or the practice of making fake profiles and using photographs that are not one’s own are yet another way the perpetrator can trick a person into thinking they are somebody else to gain information or lure the victim.
The rates in the United States show males and females are both likely to be victims of cyber bullying, however, “Victimization rates were higher for girls than boys (31.8% vs. 14.7%).” (Yun). These percentage numbers are limited to female and male only and do not include other parties such as race, LGBTQ status, or other subgroups who are also affected by internet harassment. One may argue cyber bullying is no different than the typical definition of bullying and people are weaker minded than they used to be. This is not the case. In refutation, cyber bullying can in fact be a greater threat because one might not know who is doing the harassing or what they are capable of. There is a...

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