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Preventing A Manmade Apocalypse Essay

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This world is filled with constant warfare and the threat of safety. Nations all over the world are in constant conflict to protect their country and their rights. Weapons of mass destruction are at the epicenter of this constant threat against peace and life. The presence of weapons of mass destruction is a serious threat to the world and daily life, requires much concern, and needs to be addressed because of the imminent threat of massive destruction.
Weapons of mass destruction are divided into biological, chemical, and nuclear devices (Porteus 1). The uses of weapons of mass destruction can range from the silent threat of a poison gas attack to a cataclysmic nuclear explosion (Porteus 1). Biological terrorism can include anything from putting deadly substances in a nation’s food supply to the aerosolized release of a contagious virus throughout a city the size of San Francisco or New York (Porteus 1). The biological weapons of mass destruction most likely to be used in an attack are anthrax, botulinum toxin, plague, ricin, small pox, tularemia, and viral hemorrhagic fevers (Porteus 1). Biological weapons can be aerosolized to be inhaled by humans or put in food or water supplies to be ingested (Porteus 2). Most will also inflict damage if they come in contact with human skin (Porteus 2). The repercussions of human exposure to biological weapons of mass destruction are flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, pneumonia, weight loss, stomach pain, respiratory failure, or shock (Porteus 2). Biological weapons are especially dangerous because symptoms require days to weeks to take effect (Central Intelligence Agency 2).This results in the possibility of the affected area being larger due to the migration of infected individuals (Central Intelligence Agency 2). It also results in the inaccuracy of promptly pinpointing symptoms because they often mirror those of the common cold or the flu (Porteus 2). The sickening effects of biological weapons of mass destruction can be treated with antidotes, antibiotics, vaccines, or stomach pumping (Porteus 2). Russia, Iraq, North Korea, and Syria possess biological weapons as well as the United States, who studies some substances, such as anthrax, in laboratories (Porteus 2).
Symptoms determine the classification of chemical weapons of mass destruction, such as blistering and nerve agents (Porteus 2). Other forms “include: blood agents, including cyanide, arsine, cyanogen chloride, and hydrogen chloride; choking agents, including chlorine, diphosgene and phosgene; other nerve agents; and vesicants, such as distilled mustard, ethyldichloroarsine, mustard-lewisite mixture, and forms of nitrogen mustard” (Porteus 2-3). Included also are harassing agents, such as riot control chemicals and vomiting agents (Porteus 3). The primary chemical weapons are mustard gas, sarin (GB), VX, soman (GD), and tabun (Porteus 2). Skin contact, inhalation, eye contact, deployment via commercial handheld agricultural sprayers, crop...

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