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Preventing Drug Use Among Adolescents Essay

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Preventing Drug Use Among Adolescents
In the world people face many challenges in many instances the youth of today are “raising” themselves. Many youths are faced with making adults decisions and they face a higher risk of making poorer choices which could lead to drug abuse, violence, and HIV/AIDs. This paper is design to look at what could help in the prevention of drug abuse among adolescents. There are many programs that are designed for detox and treatment for addiction however there is a need to break the cycle of learned behaviors and promote better coping skills before the onset of addiction.
The Social Need for Drug Prevention
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) a guide “Preventing Drug Use among Children and Adolescents” introduced the concept of “research-based prevention” to address drug abuse among adolescents in communities across the country. Over a period of time drug use among adolescents has been increasing in acceptance and less a risk or danger of health consequences. The gateway drugs tobacco and marijuana are most common. Lack of parental supervision, poor parent-child relationships, and permissive parenting styles also influence initiation, progression and maintenance of substance use. Research has shown, for example that greater involvement in substance use was associated with less after-school supervision and high levels of parent-child conflict. In addition, parents who were less authoritative and more permissive had adolescents who were more deviant. Lack of supervision and high levels of conflict may contribute to the initiation and escalation of substance use to the extent that they provide increased opportunities for adolescents to interact with deviant peers who model more extensive patterns of use. Studies have shown that children with poor academic performance and inappropriate social behaviors are more likely to be involved with substance use (NIDA, 2003).
The article “Developing a Group Motivational Interviewing Intervention for Adolescents At-Risk for Developing an Alcohol or Drug use Disorder” (D'Amico, Osilla, and Hunter 2010) suggests youth who are beginning to experience problems from their alcohol or drug use are at a significant risk of experiencing serious negative consequences. Findings have been positive with youth who have received Motivational Interviewing interventions reporting reduction in both alcohol and drug use and consequences. In this study Motivational Interviewing was ideal for working with groups as it encourages free communication between peers and it appears to be affective on those who may have some type of initial resistance (D'Amico, Osilla, and Hunter 2010).
I propose a Prevention Group Therapy Program designed to address emotional awareness, communication, social problem solving, and self-control. Group leaders will utilize Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The goal of the group and individual sessions is to...

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