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Preventing Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming
Global warming is a grave issue that is affecting not only the United States, but the whole world as well. Various international strategies need to be implemented so that these issues can be tackled. If taken seriously, the issue of global warming can not only be overcome, it can be prevented as well.
Global warming is an event that will affect many people and animals all over the world. Humans will be affected the most due to global warming because of things like temperature increase. Many people believe that global warming began since the industrial revolution during the 18th century. During this time heat-trapping gases began to load in the atmosphere, gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Global warming will have many negative consequences to humans, animals, and even plants. The effects of global warming will throw human lifestyles into jeopardy. Agriculture would be thrown into turmoil. Public heath could suffer. Rising seas could contaminate water supplies with salt. Stronger sunlight and warmer temperature could cause respiratory illness. Hot spells would be come more frequent, leading to heat related deaths. Warmer temperatures would widen the range of disease carried by rodents and mosquitoes. This increase of temperature is happening at a pace that outstrips anything the earth has seen in the past 100 million years. Humans will have a hard time adjusting to the increase.
There are many things that can be done to stop the effects of global warming. One is to start recycling. This would help clean up the Earth. People could stop smoking and could not use there vehicles as often. Instead of fuel, various other renewable sources can be used such as solar power. Other forms of renewable sources include wind energy, wave energy, tidal energy, and hydroelectric energy. Another thing that can be done is too purchase a fuel-efficient car. Insulate homes, clean air conditioning filters and install energy efficient showerheads. Also, install a solar heated system to provide hot water. This will protect the environment a lot. Recycle every home's waste newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal, then replace current washing machines with a low-energy, low-water-use machines as it can save power and water. Buy food and other products with reusable or recyclable packaging instead of those in non-recyclable packaging. Replace every home's refrigerator with a high-efficiency model. Use an electric or push mower instead of a gasoline-powered mower to cut lawns. Plant native, drought-resistant trees and shrubs around your home and install an outdoor air conditioning unit. If all these methods are used, then global warming will eventually cease to exist.
When it comes to election time, the United States always brings the topic of global warming into the discussion. Although it is widely discussed by the candidates, after the politician is elected, it seems as if the issue disappears into thin air. The candidate...

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