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Preventing Injuries: Multiple Methods For Recovery

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There are multiple methods for recovery, such as: Stimulation also known as estim, Ultrasound, Ice Buckets, Massage, Stretching, Foam Roller. The most powerful recovery method is stimulation of the muscle or ligament. eStim is an intense stimulation that is applied to the injured area, regulation time can vary upon the injury. Another useful method for recovery is Ultrasound, which is an intense use of sound waves to treat musculoskeletal problems, especially inflammation for example tendinitis & bursitis. Ice buckets are another great way to improve recovery. It is an intense freezing session of the injured area, regulation time can vary upon injury. A Massage gives the athlete rubbing out ...view middle of the document...

According to the article “Stretching: Focus on Flexibility” by Mayo Clinic Staff of, stretching is essential for several reasons. First, they cite that it helps improve flexibility which increases an athlete’s range of motion. Also, it assists in correct posture by lengthening tight muscles that poll areas of the body away from their intended position. Next, by stretching, athletes help to decrease the risk of injury by warming up their muscles before the activity. Finally, stretching increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby possibly reducing muscle soreness. Athletic trainers teach student athletes two types of stretching: dynamic and static. An interesting way to warm up is by using dynamic stretches which offer a way to stretch while also preparing for the game. In an article titled “What is Dynamic Stretching? Why is it Important?” Mathew Brown of explains that during dynamic stretching, active movements of muscle creat a stretch but are not held in the end position. For example, “high knees” is a dynamic stretch because the athlete is moving and the stretch isn’t held. Since it helps the athlete stretch while also warming them up, dynamic stretching is most frequently used before a sporting event. An article titled “Dynamic Stretching versus Static Stretching” by explains that while dynamic stretches are important pre-workout, static stretches can be used for cooling down after a workout to prevent muscle tightening. Static stretches are the opposite of dynamic stretches because they involve the student athlete standing still and “holding” a specific stretch. An example of a static stretch would be bending and holding your toes. A fina form of stretching that is most frequently performed by the athletic trainer is known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). As described by William Prentice in Arnheim’s Principles of Athletic Training, the three main types of PNF stretching are contract-relax, hold-relax, and slow-reversal-hold-relax stretches. The most common of these there is hold-relax stretching which involves the trainer bringing the muscle to a certain point of resistance for a period of time (generally twenty seconds), interspersed with “relax” periods. While student athletes could stretch on their own, an athletic trainer is necessary to teach proper technique. Without stretching properly, athletes run the risk of hurting themselves.

During my internship there where various injuries throughout the entire spring season. After Delving into all these various injuries and how they are prevented, treated and evaluated, I had also kept track of all the instances of each injury. One of the most common injuries in high school athletics are sprains. Alone at MERSD there where nine athletes who had sprains after there evaluation they where told all the different recovery methods they could use to be able to recover quicker to their season. There are six types of treatments...

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